Gf Vip 7 Gianmarco Onestini answers Giulia Salemi piqued

Gf Vip 7, Gianmarco Onestini answers Giulia Salemi piqued

A controversy arose between them after last Monday’s live broadcast of Big Brother Vip Luke Onestini and Julia Salem.

The competitor of the most spied house in Italy has decided to criticize the influencer for choosing the tweets to be shown in the episode (READ HERE).

there salemiis in fact present in the reality show’s studio to show precisely the social reactions to the boys’ behavior.

According to the Gieffino, the girlfriend of Pierpaolo Petrelli, however, would make biased decisions and only show negative comments towards him. According to the former Tronista, this behavior would come from the friendship between them Julia and his ex None.

However, the beautiful Persian has decided to respond to the allegations Luke with a tweet (READ HERE):

Dear Luca Onestini, I choose the tweets and the authors only hand me a few. I assure you, if what most of the internet writes about you were true, you might hide in the sauna for a week. mine are the best

Now the brother of the former Tronista has also entered the dispute between the two ex-Gieffini. Gianmarco Onestiniwhich launched new allegations against salemi:

Giulia, you couldn’t have given a worse message: you have to hide the stupid keyboard lions who write certain tweets. Not who receives them, not Luca. Glasses and more impartiality will help you see even the beautiful ones that are there for him, which are many