Gf Vip 7 Giaele thinks of her husband I in

Gf Vip 7, Giaele thinks of her husband: “I in his place…”

in the last hours Giaele DeDona She has expressed a desire to see her husband, the American businessman, again Bradford Beck.

Then the 23-year-old went through the red door of the Casa del Big Brother VIP 7She has not received any visits from her husband. However, the ‘Vippona’ hoped that in the twenty-ninth episode he would have revised it considering the two celebrated their first wedding anniversary just days before.

And yet, from brad not even a shadow. This led to the disappointment of jael the, trusting with Albert depisis and Oriana MarzoliShe admitted: “I was convinced, I swear, very convinced. i expect it I mean, at this point…”.

To worry about De Dona It would be precisely the behavior of the man who, while making it clear that he does not want to appear on television, has not shown the will to see his wife again after more than four months.

Eventually you put that thing away, even just to see me for ten minutes. After four and a half months you feel like… It’s something I would do, even if it’s against my will, to see my husband. I repeat: at some point I wouldn’t care, just seeing it would be enough for me.

This would be the longest time the two spouses have been apart, as pointed out by jael:

Five years ago we hadn’t seen each other for three months, but we had just started dating. After we decided to start dating seriously, max two months because he had work problems, otherwise we used to meet every month.

The candidate then pointed out that on the occasion of their wedding anniversary brad brought her nothing:

Also the fact that he didn’t do anything to me for the anniversary… one year of marriage… he sends me the plane a month earlier with the written 22.01 and then he doesn’t get me anything for the anniversary…

Although saddened by the absence of news from her husband, jael He made a gesture that raised some doubts about the authenticity of his statements. Last night she laid on her friend’s body Anthony spinal broomwhile he slept. However, a relationship of pure friendship has blossomed between the two, as they have repeatedly stressed, and months after their flirtation, the two appear to be very close.