Gf Vip 7 Gegia vs Marco Bellavia He is the

Gf Vip 7, Gegia vs Marco Bellavia: “He is the loser of this edition, the truth will come out”

Gegia is one of Big Brother Vip’s competitors who paid the price for his superficiality opposite Marco Bellavia At home. Some time after her departure from the game show, she returned to talk about the “hot” topics.

For The Pipol News, she admitted her sadness at being “kicked out” from the game, but at the same time thought she was nicer in the studio than around the house:

Gegia It’s not like she came out, they kicked me out of Big Brother Vip House I mean. So, Parpiglia Gabriele he is a beautiful boy. I’ve courted him for years. I text him on Instagram that I love him and that he is cute. does he answer me I don’t know, I write in November and he answers in January.

I am very sorry for those who wanted me. So for Alfonso Signorini, to you. I’m disappointed. But I can tell you one thing. My comedy – because then that’s just how life is for me, there’s nothing wrong, I never fight, I never get angry – it doesn’t go in there. It wasn’t a fair environment. Because whatever I did, they glared at me. They were always angry, in fact they are. The comedy doesn’t work there. I’m more useful out in the studio. Where do I hack? Alfonso. where we have fun I can do my little bit of cabaret because I do cabaret. With ballets with Carmen Russo who recently dressed me up as Madonna across from me at 63. Well terrible thing. But I am fairer on the outside than on the inside. Inside I tried to do comedy…

Gegia She immediately wanted to defend herself against the allegations regarding her profession as a psychologist and specified that she had simply done her doctorate out of interest:

In the event of Bellavia? So. I only studied psychology, I graduated when I was 42. For one thing of mine, just for that. I have two degrees, one in literature and one in psychology. But I took them after the divorce because they interested me in how to study. I didn’t even want to take the exams because I didn’t feel ready or fit. I always turned it down at school. Then my dad insisted on saying, “But get a degree, you never know!” And I got it. But I don’t specialize in psychotherapy. I joined the register this year.

Directly reminiscent of his first reality show, which he won in 2005, at the time when the Gregoraci “She was an unknown:”

I did a reality show on Rai Uno in 2005. Ended early because Rai doesn’t know how to do reality shows. There was Sandra Milothe Gregoraci unknown deleted immediately. He wasn’t there Briatore. Very nice but unknown.

Meanwhile she consoles herself with the man she would have by her side, memeth:

memeth, yes, I heard it. He goes to Turkey. When we do the exercises that will come here, you will be the first to know. But of course I saw it, I was there together in Istanbul. Come on.

In hindsight definitely to Gf Gegia he would have avoided a few words too many Marco Bellaviabut the real victims, in his opinion, were them as conocrrenti:

This year I accepted the gf. He called me for three years and then nothing happened. Certainly if I could go back afterwards Marco Bellavia tormented me for a week that I would help him and put him in my bed, I would not have told him “you are not well”. Actually, he wasn’t doing well. At Big Brother, the exhaustion won’t go unnoticed. I forgot the cameras. So much so that when I went into the bedroom and undressed, the cameras would shoot her. However, I went back, I would not make all these considerations Marco. When I left I had to turn off Instagram comments, I cried for what they wrote to me. Marco I see him, he’s fine. Too bad we got kicked off the reality show because people said “Bulla, Bully!”

Revealing his winner and loser:

I do not like Wilma Goich. She’s bad, but she’s not bad now. Always. I knew her as a young man. At home he treated me very well. Did I ask for an apple? He said to me: “No! First you have to see who is eating it!” And I said ah ok. My favorite Luca Salatino. My winner is between Luke, Nikita Pelizon and the little boy. (George Ciupilaned.).

I conclude like this: the winner is Luca Salatino. The loser is Marco Bellavia. He made us fool everyone in there, and the truth will come out. “You guys are shit,” they told us. We have all been charged. He’s the loser because eventually the truth will come out. I’m being honest, I think so. We have made every effort Marco.