Gf Vip 7 Elenoire Sara and Giaele think Nikita Pelizon

Gf Vip 7, Elenoire, Sara and Giaele think Nikita Pelizon is bad luck

The seventh edition of Big Brother Vip only started a few weeks ago, but it’s already a candidate for being one of the most critically acclaimed of all time. After urging Marco Bellavia to leave the Cinecittà house after insulting and isolating him for days, the Vipponis seem to have now started the hunt for a new prey to kill: Nikita Pelizon.

That morning, Giovanni Ciacci appears to have tried to advise the rest of the group on how to “take out those who are the most annoying.” A few minutes ago, however, Elenoire Ferruzzil, Sara Manfuso and Giaele De Donà continued the chess game started by the hairdresser and found in Nikita another competitor to kill, through sentences and sentences that take us back to the Middle Ages.

Indeed, according to the three Vippones, Nikita Pelizon would bring… bad luck! As the colleagues from reported:

The competitors imitated her in doing the verse. Elenoire She specifically asked her mother to bring her a horn, as if to argue this Nikita could bring bad luck.

Mom, please send me a horn. Two horns. I don’t have it here.

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