GF Vip 7, direct semi final Tavassi is the fourth finalist, eliminates Andrea and Onestini

The Big Brother VIP comes to the penultimate appointment and here on the live blogging is renewed on Monday evening to follow and update live minute by minute everything that happens in the studio and especially in the house during the semifinals.

GF Vip 7: Live minute by minute of the semifinals

21.44: Short preview.

21.47: “It’s the semifinals, welcome everyone”. With that, Signorini opens the evening and expects that “we will have two eliminated and two new finalists”. Say goodbye to the commentators, including a suffering Bruganelli with lumbago and Antonella, who likes to distance herself from what her parents said: “I wasn’t bullied (…) All I missed was Edoardo” .

21.53: Link to the Mystery Room where the three finalists hope that Tavassi or Onestini will win the televoting for the final.

21.55: While the televoting is closed and the “Vipponi” are gathered in the hall, there is talk of the new found harmony between Nikita and Luca, disapproved of by Oriana, who attacks: “Poor thing, think I’m jealous of her (. ..) It seems superficial to me”. He adds: “Luca explained to me that he is doing it because it will not last long (…) He wants to live it peacefully these last days”. Nikita glossed over: “I too feel I feel better if I live my relationship with Luca that way”. Onestini shares: “I don’t think I’m doing anything strange.”

22.05: Luca and Oriana join Super Led because during the week during the game “Truth or Dare” the girl admitted that she preferred the victory of the GF Vip to the love of Daniele. He denies he wanted to get her into trouble by asking the question because “she’s my best friend around here.” She explains: “I want to win and then I want Daniele out too”. Sonia has no doubts: “She only thinks about herself and that’s it.” Orietta teases the competitor: “You should win better, then you think of Daniele”.

22.20: The moderator calls the six competitors for televoting in front of the LED and asks: “Who deserved the final?”. Alberto replies “me”, as does Tavassi. Milena and Andrea name Edoardo, Nikita and Luca vote for themselves. Advertising.

10:30 p.m: “The audience has decided that both the eliminated and the finalists are men,” shares Alfonso. Nikita and Milena sit down again.

22.38: Surprise for Milena: in the garden she meets Mauro, her husband, who says he is “very happy” with her and “ready to marry you again”. He admits that the distance to his wife “was very difficult at the beginning (…) I understood that in 22 years with her she will be my best friend”. The “Vippona” tearfully says: “One who meets a girl who then becomes pregnant and the first thing she says to you is: ‘I will always be there for you’. And in 22 years not a day has been missed.” Then he runs onto the catwalk, where he also meets his daughters. The youngest wants to tell her, “I got my first 6 in math without copying it.” The whole family is finally welcomed by the whole house. Advertising.

01/23: During the week, Micol brutally returned to talking to Nikita about Antonella, denying that she was physically jealous of her and even complaining about only receiving the question. Fiordelisi intervenes: “Micol has always been weird with me (…) I hope you start to like me”. La Incorvaia is not there: “I’m ashamed of you”. Tavassi intervenes in defense of his fiancee: “Antonella quarreled with 80% of the house and we have to envy her?”.

Eliminated Andrew

23.13: Back to televoting: Luca and Tavassi are safe from the end. Then the verdict: Andrea is eliminated. The candidate says goodbye to everyone and leaves the house.

23.18: Nikita is summoned to the Mystery Room, where she receives a love letter from Mom and Dad. “Wow! I wanted it so much,” responds “Vippona”, who didn’t expect it because she didn’t have a good relationship with her parents. When she returns to the living room, she just hugs Milena. Alfonso – over the sound when the door is closed House – annoyed: “I understand the game, but seeing everyone seated isn’t like that either.” Advertisement.

11:30 p.m: Orietta: “It’s a shame it’s going out”. “I know you’ll think about it next year,” says Alfonso. “Yes, I can do that,” explains the columnist.

Tavassi is the fourth finalist

11:35 p.m: It’s time to find out the winner of the televoting, that is, the fourth finalist: it’s Tavassi with 54.7% (the other percentages: Nikita 36%, Alberto 3.7%, Onestini 3.4%, Milena 1, 3%, Andrea 0.9%). The competitor cheers with the other “Spartans”. Sonia expected it, while Orietta says “the most honest and sincere make it to the finals”. Antonella also has a say: “He certainly deserves the finale more than a Micol and a Giaele.”

Tavassi Finalist – GF Vip 7

23.43: Luca is in the yard. During the week he has retraced his life a bit and when he thinks back on it he is moved. When his brother Gianmarco arrives, he bursts into tears with him. In fact, the two declare their great love. They are joined by Oriana, who met Gianmarco on Spain’s Isola dei Famosi. Advertising.

00.04: Signorini reckons a triple flash televoting will determine another elimination and fifth finalist. However, the participants only know about the elimination.

The nominations

00.06: All the “Vipponi” are summoned in Super Led to start the last nominations of this edition. The question is clear: “Who do you want to eliminate tonight?”. The nominees are clearly the four non-finalists.

00.08: Jael mentions Nikita because “it’s not 100% true”. Luca calls Milena because “we’ve been mentioning each other lately.” Nikita appoints Alberto by expulsion. Milena nominates Luca for the same reasons as her. Micol nominates Nikita “for all the different reasons you can think of.” Alberto names Nikita because he didn’t like her towards Micol (when he implied that she might be jealous of Antonella). Oriana mentions Nikita because “there’s nothing else to say”. Tavassi always mentions Nikita for what happened with Micol.

Nikita, Alberto and Luca flash televoting

00.16: The most voted is Nikita, who is called to choose the challenger: with difficulty, Alberto indicates. Now it’s up to De Pisis to choose the third competitor, who will be dragged to the flash televoting: Between Milena and Luca, he surprisingly chooses his friend Luca because “I like adrenaline”.

00.26: Off to the televoting: Send who to the final?

29.00: Antonella is on the catwalk while people in the house are talking about her again. Tavassi says that in his absence we “had fun”.

Duel Antonella against Micol

00:37: Micol is called onto the catwalk. Antonella torpedoed her: “Show who you really are, don’t always pretend you’re a saint (…) You’re not jealous, you’re jealous”. And he tells her that Edoardo has unfollowed her and the Clizia sisters on social media. “You know no embarrassment! I’m very sorry if Edoardo did that thing,” Incorvaia replies. “But why do you suffer so much from me?” Fiordelisi insists. Adds Micol: “I have nothing to say”. Antonella concludes: “Now my Edoardo has his Ferrari, your Edoardo has his panda”.

Antonella vs Micol – GF Vip 7

00:45: Berti is still critical of Antonella’s “arrogance,” she says, while Bruganelli would prefer that the former “Vippona” no longer bother with the affairs of the house.

00:48: Signorini invites Nikita, Alberto and Luca to greet everyone and go to the studio since only two will return to the house. Advertising.

00:55: The first eliminator of the night, Andrea, arrives at the studio and receives a video message from his brother who is waiting for him.

Eliminate Onestini

1.02: The three participants in the flash televoting enter the studio, which is closed with their entry. The conductor opens the envelope: the eliminated is Luca. Alberto is helpless and regrets: “It wasn’t my intention… He’s a friend of mine (…) I’m ashamed like never before in my life”. He then returns to the house with Nikita. Advertising.

Nikita is the fifth finalist

1.20: After Lucas Best of, Nikita and Alberto are called back to the studio. Alfonso tells them the flash televoting involved two eliminations. Then the verdict: Nikita is the fifth finalist with 48% (the other percentages: Alberto 28%, Luca 24%). The “vippona” celebrates. Advertising.

1.33: Nikita and Alberto reunite with the group and Alfonso explains to them what happened in the studio. “Spartans” expelled.

Alberto and Milena at the last televoting

1.36: Alberto and Milena go to the last televoting, which will decide on the sixth finalist at the start of the final next Monday. Off to the voting: who deserves the final?

1.41: According to Salemi’s tweets, it ends with Berti singing Vollmond. Good night to all.

GF Vip 7: Preview of the semi-finals on Monday 27 March 2023

Live on Canale 5, from approx. 9.45 p.m., Alfonso Signorini He leads the semifinals of the GF Vip 7. The commentators are with him in the studio Orietta Bertie And Sonja Bruganelliwith Julia Salem in a social place.

We are moving towards the choice of finalists who will fight for victory next Monday. The whole house, apart from the three finalists Oriana Marzoli, Micol Incorvaia and Giaele De Donà, is there televoting: Between Alberto De Pisis, Andrea Maestrelli, Milena Miconi, Nikita Pelizon, Luca Onestini and Edoardo Tavassi, the most voted finalist and the least voted will be eliminated. It’s also the evening of the last round nominations.