Gf Vip 7, Chiara Rabbi zero shoots Davide Donadei’s lovers

Gf Vip 7, Chiara Rabbi zero shoots Davide Donadei’s lovers

Klara Rabbiex girlfriend of David Donadeicompetitor of Big Brother VIP 7He published some Instagram stories in which he made an allegation against him Ariadne Gianfelici.

The latter, a former student of Amici, has recently unveiled the person to have been with whom Donadei would have betrayed the former admirer. in the Pipol house, Arianna confessed to having met the ex-Tronista in Gallipoli and that on that occasion he shared the story with her Clear it was over

On Instagram is the rabbi He began by saying:

When too many roosters crow, it never gets light. Today we’re playing the game of truth, and I’m going to tell you all about it… But first, let me give some advice to those who have spoken thus far and who have been filling their mouths with my name. Give yourself a gift, save yourself further embarrassment because what I’m about to tell you is obviously supported by concrete evidence such as chat, audio, screens and so on and so forth.

Then he explained:

I’ll start by telling you about a journalist, if we want to define him that way, who has done nothing since last summer but circle me like a vulture in the hope that, despite knowing it, I’ll publish testimonies about my latest story would be what my psychophysical states were. My answer from day one has always been a resounding “no” to any type of interview. Even to the one that he himself suggested to me again less than a week ago, suggesting that I make a comparison with him David to Big Brother. And guess what my answer was? Again “no”.

there rabbi went on to specifically refer to the Gianfelice:

Second, I talk to who would theoretically be the reason for my horns, because things have names and it’s right to use them wisely. Dearest, I overestimated and misjudged you when you decided to call me and tell me everything that happened between you and you David after being exhausted by the latter. Did you burn for the pole you took, or did you just want the junk you’re now chasing after with very sad interviews? And to think that my good nature made me publicly defend you after your petty clashes because you were attacked on all fronts… Then how can you blame them?

I’ll wrap it all up by letting you think about a few things by asking yourself simple questions: “Who’s that on Big Brother? David or Clear?“; “Who has accepted the interviews so far? The injured party or the executioners?”; “Who has expressed their willingness to perform for a live televised confrontation? Clear or Arianna?” I’ll answer this question: the singer who didn’t believe in it enough. But let me write the last one. “The tip of the iceberg of my silence” is nothing more than a great desire to hold on to the life I’ve recreated away from all this dirt, relying only on my strength.

“For you who have been with me since the beginning and have always followed me: I apologize for this sad and embarrassing little fuss. In the end, they managed to get the last word out of me too, which seemed dutiful to me at the time… Because cuckolding yes, butted no,” he concluded Clear.