Gf Vip 7 between Nicole Murgia and Dana Saber rags

Gf Vip 7, between Nicole Murgia and Dana Saber rags fly

A few hours after the new episode of Big Brother VIP The nerves in the house are still very tense. After the clashes of the last few days, it was mainly couples who were given a beating this time Dan Saber and Nicole Murgia.

Great words flew between the two Vippone, which outraged the network.

In a few weeks, the Moroccan-born model understood that in order to get a few more clips, you have to talk about yourself.

When chatting with Attilio Romita, Dana Saber began discussing an unspecified episode with the Roman actress that took place yesterday afternoon.

The woman started attacking her Murgia:

I suggest you drink more water instead of talking as your acidic urine is making you throw up.
You’re wrong, don’t ask me anything. Drink more water than you have acidic urine, which sucks. Get away from me, I don’t want to talk to you. what are you the slave What are you working? The slave? are you the slave Then clean my shoes. Clean them for me, slave.

Many on social networks began to call for the model’s disqualification, while others were surprised at how part of the Internet defended the girl.

However, everyone agreed on one point: composure Nicole who would rather walk away than scold her. Nobody would have reacted to them!