Gf Vip 7, Alfonso Signorini’s response to some criticisms of the issue

Gf Vip 7, Alfonso Signorini’s response to some criticisms of the issue

Like every year Big Brother VIP it does not fail to cause discussion.

In today’s issue of Chi Magazine, Alfonso Signorini He replied as usual to some messages that came in regarding the Gf Vip 7. In the words of some viewers of the reality show, there was no lack of heavy criticism:

Expensive Alfonso, congratulations for your masterful leadership of GfVip. In these two seasons, unfortunately, my good taste in radio has declined sharply, and with it my interest […]. This year we almost hit rock bottom with some characters (Antonella, Dan, Nikita, David, Andrew and Anthony), sleazy figures of absolutely negative protagonists: Since many children watch your program on 55, I think you should put a nice red dot, because they have nothing good to learn from them, since they are bad role models in life. I am amazed by the video where Dan he said present Nikitathe “Oriana she’s still a whore” which has been widely published all over the net: Apparently there are sleazy characters who are more protected than others […].

It still is:

Dear director, my name is Irene and I am a great admirer of yours: you are great company for me on Monday nights with Big Brother, even if the competition leaves a lot to be desired this year. I’ll explain why: it’s possible that Oriana never have anything to wear and always with your butt out or with your breasts always in view? Isn’t there a rule that, as you said, is signed before entering the house? But nobody respects him. Just last night you remembered the rules, but as you can see, nobody cares. There are Wilma who washes the dishes with sunglasses – and not only she, others in the house do the same. Not to mention the cleanliness: it’s a real dump. Everything is messy and dirty, the whole house is messy! I’m amazed why you took some action last year: why nothing this year?

Alfonso Signorini he replied like this:

As you can see, Big Brother Vip continues to hold the stage among the most talked about topics of the week. As always, audiences are divided: there are those who love a character, those who hate them, those who get excited about a love story, and those who just see it as a strategy to keep staying in the game. There are many supporters and just as many critics, but everyone is talking about the program, a sign that leaves no one indifferent.

At the end of the issue I will also be able to have my say. Now my duties as a landlord prevent me from doing so. However, I agree with a widespread rudeness of the Vipponis, in their language but also in their actions, which unfortunately appears in every issue. The most worrying fact is that many of these kids don’t even notice their rudeness, as if behaving like this is a habit. And that too is something to think about. From this week onwards, every “violation” will affect the budget made available for weekly shopping and we know full well that everyone is becoming more sensitive when it comes to touching groceries. We will see…