Gf Vip 7, Alberto De Pisis fascinated by Edoardo Donnamaria

Gf Vip 7, Alberto De Pisis fascinated by Edoardo Donnamaria

Alberto de Pisi He is certainly one of the contenders that has yet to fully unfold in House of Big Brother Vip 7. Much is expected of him and many are waiting to see him in action with all his ingenuity and sympathy. But that moment will surely come, but in the meantime the Gieffino is taking some time to get to know his fellow adventurers as best as he can.

If at the beginning his attention had fallen on Luca Salatino, for whom he had declared he also had an attraction, now his gaze is projected elsewhere. Talks to him again in the kitchen Sara Manfuso and Elenoire Ferruzzithe columnist admitted that there is a competitor within the house who has some qualities that intrigue him. Alberto de Pisi In fact, he recently admitted that he has a special interest in it Edward Donnamaria. Here’s what he revealed:

The positive traits were found here, huh, but then it’s easy. Edward he’s promising, he’s a boy who isn’t aesthetically beautiful because I can’t find him who falls within my canons. A boy who is a child because he is a child and also has many childlike attitudes. Although maybe because I missed the sweetness so much and I find it so much in him. Then you know what I mean? It’s exactly the opposite of what I expect in real life, both on an aesthetic, physical and behavioral level. But there is one component that leaves you behind…

De Pisi but he knows that Edward interested in women, mainly advertising Antonella Fiordelisi:

We didn’t talk because I’m not there to interview him about what you like and don’t like. We didn’t have moments of sharing and I don’t want to have them, I really don’t want to have moments of sharing because even if it did, it certainly wouldn’t be here.

He then concluded and reiterated that the attraction to his adventuring companion is not aesthetic in nature, but goes well beyond:

It is rare, if not unique, that there is attraction on an emotional and non-physical level because there is no physical attraction. He’s not a handsome guy, he’s just everything I don’t like, he’s not aesthetically attractive to me. But that’s not all, because then you stop and want to go far beyond the outside. But I feel related to him, he’s a person who makes me feel good when I talk to him.

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