Gf Vip 7 in the first light of the morning

Gf Vip 7, a Vippona attends A voice for San Marino 2023

A former competitor of the seventh edition of Gf Vip has applied for Una voce per San Marino and no, we’re not talking about it Geneva Lamborghini!

According to reports from, an iconic protagonist of the reality show will take part in the singing festival together with a former Tronista from men and women and to some former students of Amici. It is about… Pamela Prati!

There are 22 artists competing in the finals, chosen from over 100 who made it to the semifinals. between these Pamela Pratifresh from (new) participation in the Big Brother VIP. There will also be the former Tronista from men and women Franz Monte, who had already taken part in Una voce per San Marino a year ago, without success. And again the ex of Friends of Maria De Filippi Deborah Iurato, Manuel Aspidi, Moreno And The DevasTrio consisting of Verdiana Zangaro, Greta Manuzi and X Factor ex Roberta Pompa.

As we remember, winning the Song Festival will give access to the Eurovision Song Contest, as happened last year Achilles Lauro. Who knows if, after the Gf Vip for Prati, the doors of… festivals will also open!