GF Vip 7, a screaming cast: Signorini also chooses a famous Mediaset presenter          ​​​​​​

GF Vip 7, a screaming cast: Signorini also chooses a famous Mediaset presenter ​​​​​​

For the next edition of GF Vip 7, Alfonso Signorini has also decided to choose a well-known Mediaset presenter: who it is.

Alfonso Signorini continues to build the cast for the next edition of Big Brother Vip, which begins in September. The popular showman then chose one of Mediaset’s most famous presenters: let’s find out who she is.

GF VIPThe latest reality show decision for the next installment (via screenshot)

Although the cast of GF Vip 7 has been closed for a few weeks, we have very few specific names at the moment, or almost. The first is that of Chadia Rodriguez and then let them enter Antonino spinal broom, George Ciupilan, Umberto Smaila and Pamela Prati. Among them, however, is a famous presenter on the verge of 40 who could pass through the most famous red door in Italy. So we’re talking about Patrizia Rossetti.

To uncover the incredible gossip rumor, he thought about it Deianira Marzano who said on social media: “Ragazzi Patrizia is a likely competitor of Big Brother Vip”. In addition, the presenter was already ready to enter the house in 2019. That year, she actually said, “And will you ever see me on Big Brother Vip? I admit the possibilities are there. Maybe I could go inside during the reality show. Alfonso let me in!”. Now the moment seems to have finally come when Rossetti goes through the red door.

GF Vip 7, between denials and confirmations: who won’t be on the reality show?

GF Vip SignoriniAs usual, Alfonso Signorini will be the conductor of the GF vip (Facebook).

The next Big Brother Vip 7 will not be there Patrizia de Blanck. In fact, after the good performances of 2020, the Countess had been called up by Signorini. She too had to attend along with her young friend and influencer Lorenzo Castelluccio. In fact, the negotiations would have been successful, among the competitors of the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip there will not even be one artem tkachuk, Ukrainian actor who became famous thanks to the beautiful fiction of Rai 2 Mare fuori.

Also from the next installment of the reality show Paolo Cannavaro, Brother of the more famous Fabio who would have chosen to focus on his coaching career. Alfonso Signorini would also have done without it Jeda, Vera Gemma’s little friend made famous by the island of the famous and has repeatedly expressed the desire to cross the famous Red Gate.