Gf Vip 7 a former Vippone demolishes Oriana Antonella and

Gf Vip 7, a former Vippone, demolishes Oriana, Antonella and Soleil

In the last few days, a former competitor of the second edition of Gf Vip has given an interview to the portal.

It’s about Raphael Tonon, one of the undisputed protagonists of the reality show then led by Ilary Blasi. Many will remember the former Vippone for deep friendship Luca Onestini, which continues to this day.

While talking Tonon wanted to speak about the encounter Luke and None happened during the last episode of Gf Vip 7:

First, I have absolutely no relationship with solar, we have attacked each other several times because their relationship was ended by his blatant betrayal, it has always led to disagreements, especially on his side. I remember she accused me of attacking her because I was best friends with her Luke. I attacked her because I think she often and enjoys making arguments that are not in heaven or on earth, so I didn’t attack her for cheating Luke or had ended the relationship with Lukewhich I think was a blessing from God Luke.

I didn’t expect anything else from her, I’ll be very brief. I didn’t expect any different behavior, it’s exactly scripted by his character and who he is. Some like it and some don’t, I think it speaks for itself. Nothing to add, I didn’t expect anything better.

Raffaello also commented on this Edoardo Donnamaria and Antonella Fiordelisi:

there cornflowers she couldn’t wait to find someone to fall at her feet, maneuver, argue with, make peace with, argue with, or have jealousy scenes with. Why to cornflowers she’s “navigated,” she’s someone who understands (like everyone who’s watched and subscribed to the show) that the couple dynamic is still a dynamic that might not draw audiences in, but keeps them talking. So it’s better that we talk, because that way, if a few thousand euros come out, some change with the envelopes, we’ll make them.

As usual, I’m sorry, but women are definitely smarter than men in a negative sense. Why with Edward, All in all, he’s at least sexually attracted to the busty Neapolitan’s curves while she uses it for exactly what’s needed for the game’s dynamic while it’s in there. You see, if I saw them both married with one child, I would give Caritas an apartment. And remember, I’ve never had a bad deal in my life.

The former tenant of Casa del Gf Vip didn’t even send her to say the word Oriana Marzoli:

Look, I do Oriana I can’t take it, I can’t take it We Italians have the ability to export the best (see brain drain) and import the worst because that’s the case Oriana She is with another Spaniard who was a bit older, she was a brunette who screamed like crazy, a vulgar who did all sorts of things. Here we have the opportunity. The worst we have at home is not enough for us, we stuff it with other people’s at home too. Is that enough for you as an answer?

Who could win this edition of the Gf Vip 2nd? Tonon?

It’s still very early to say who the likely winner or probable winner is because no one here has yet figured out which path to take to achieve victory. So no one has figured out what it is yet (and I’m speaking of this as a commentator, so much so that I’m not saying it Luke. Luke for me he is a son, i love him like a son, if i had to say Luke I would be pathetic.)

Also luke, I don’t think he’s among the likely winners, nor is anyone… because there are so many competitors this year and the time has come that these people haven’t had a chance to engage with what’s real , taking a stand, assuming an identity… being what one wants to be, then being appreciated or not, or even changing the public’s mind… first I appreciate you, then you do something I don’t like anymore, but then truth in your absence change and take me to another person…am I clear?

Would you be a columnist?

Immediately, why not? Definitely with a good seal of approval!