1664709368 Gf Vip 5 Rosalinda Cannavo comments on Sophie Codegoni in

Gf Vip 5, Rosalinda Cannavò comments on Sophie Codegoni in Casa Chi

The x protagonist of the Gf Vip Rosalinda Cannavo recently embarked on the adventure of Tale and which Show, the Friday night program hosted by Carlo Contiwhich has officially started Friday, September 30th.

Own Rosalinda – given during an interview Great TV guide – explained his impressions of the show and his expectations:

It’s a program I love and have always followed. I like singing, acting and the idea of ​​combining both didn’t bother me at all. Now we’ll see on stage how I can do it. I don’t want to imitate a man, but here you never know what can happen. I want to imitate Elodie. Singing was my passion and came before acting. I have never taken classes and have only recently started studying. I can do it, although I’m still a long way from being a professional singer.

It still is:

I will try to live the judgments and criticisms as advice to grow throughout the episodes and if there will be a sticking point I will take a cue to make it better the following week. I want to make the public understand that there is more to my private sphere and that there is a professional commitment. In this respect, too, I hope to improve.

And then Rosalinda Cannavo reveals what her boyfriend thinks Andrea Zenga – met at the house of the gf – his participation in Tale and which show:

Andrea is happy that I am participating in this program. He is also a huge fan and will be present as much as possible during episodes. Andrea gives me a lot of energy even in moments of discouragement that can happen. He will always be by my side.

Own Andrew He wanted to encourage his girlfriend on social networks with a post on Instagram:

Gf Vip 5 Rosalinda Cannavo comments on Sophie Codegoni in

Finally Rosalinda commented Sophie Codegoniwho took her place as hostess at Casa Chi this year:

I would like to continue conducting. I would particularly like to do a music program. Sophie is very good and I’ve seen a few episodes already. I wish you the best of luck. He deserves to stay there.