Gf Vip 5, Francesco Oppini comes out with his new girlfriend

Gf Vip 5, Francesco Oppini comes out with his new girlfriend

After the end of his relationship with his girlfriend Cristina Tomasiniwhich was talked about a lot during Gf Vip 5, Francesco Oppini he had decided not to talk about his personal life anymore, let alone real or alleged girlfriends.

However, the most attentive have noticed it on social networks for a few weeks now I’ve been particularly close to a blond girl named Francesca: The latter had actually appeared on the Instagram stories of the former reality show Canale 5 competitor while she was taking care of her cat.

Then the two had shown themselves together in the company of historical friends Francis And now that the latter is on holiday in Sanremo, the son’s fans are delighted Alba Paretti they noticed that Francesca Always present, he testifies that the two have decided to spend their summer vacations together as well.

But the story with Francesca could be more serious than many think: Indeed oppini he was visiting his uncle and father and his new girlfriend was with him. This therefore led to the deduction that Francesca has already been officially introduced to the family.

But that’s only been the case for the last few hours Francesco Oppini decided to come out and officially introduce his new girlfriend to the social media crowd. oppini In fact, he has decided to post a story on social media showing himself hugging Francesca, with the tender caption “And when she arrives…”. In the background then the romantic song by Diodato Make noise.

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