Get ready for another snowstorm this week

Get ready for another snowstorm this week

The snow won’t let go of Quebecers, who will face another major storm in the south, center and east of the province on Wednesday night.

Environment Canada has also issued a special multi-sector weather report forecasting accumulations of 15 to 25 centimeters, or even more in places.

For example, in Greater Montreal and the Quebec region, the snow is accompanied by winds, sometimes strong, that can lead to blowing snow.

In Estrie, the federal agency forecast a risk of freezing rain Thursday morning due to rain that will follow snow accumulations.

In the eastern Quebec sectors, aggregations will be larger, possibly reaching 30 centimeters, particularly in the Bas-Saint-Laurent and north coast.

In Gasp├ęsie, in addition to the expected 30 centimeters of snow, freezing rain will arrive with its share of inconveniences for pedestrians and motorists.

Meanwhile, Monday will be mostly cloudy in southern and central Quebec, with intermittent snowfall, while eastern areas will be sunny.

Expected temperatures will be above seasonal normals before mercury drops sharply across most of Quebec on Wednesday.