quotGet out of the studioquot Armando Incarnato breaks his silence

"Get out of the studio": Armando Incarnato breaks his silence and confesses everything | Nuclear disappointment for everyone Belligea.it

Armando IncarnatoArmando Incarnato (WittyTV screenshot image) – belligea.it

Armando’s revelation: It seems that in the end he really said and revealed everything, the fans of the show are surprised.

Armando Incarnato I certainly haven’t had an easy path over time dating show Men And Women: His knowledge was often interrupted by obstacles expressed by the knight during recordings.

Until now, Armando not yet encountered be soulmate, and many, including the commentators, They have assumed that in reality it was not his wish to find someone and that he Obstacles Everyone the knight met on his way was there position yourself himself For avoid to be too much involved.

Armando He always has disputed that there was something like that in him Thought, and much less that strategies used to stay in the program: He repeated it in the previous edition in a personal conversation with Gianni Sperti.

Depending on how many After reading his post, Incarnato seems to want to reveal a part of himself these days that has quiet for a long time: Many believe this is a key element in understanding some of the new features.

Armando: “It’s the lack of knowledge that gets you ahead”

Armando own in these days has published A post with a subtitle as it appears close to his statements in Study: “It’s the lack of knowledge that leads to talking less and leaving a bad impression.”

“I’m finally in my twelfth year Month The the relax, And you?” He then turns to his followers, some of whom react negatively in the comments, to say the least. Armando’s photo shows himself in a car that appears very expensive, and one of his followers writes “Since you’re making all of your assets public, why don’t you show us your tax returns as well?”throw like that an insinuation rather difficult towards the Knight.

Armando Incarnato: the post on Instagram and the comments.Armando Incarnato: the post on Instagram and the comments (IG screenshot image) – belligea.it

The haters strike again

The we know. Keyboard lions spare no one, And, despite Armando have made private be Profile, it seems apparently that the phenomenon That wasn’t it at all jammed.

“Then Now you will have more time…a lot To Rome You don’t have to study anymore go”, A user writes, “Rest in peace,” He concludes with a mocking wish in the comments. There is still no exact news about whether Armando Incarnato will take part in the next edition of or not Men And Women: What is certain is that his fans want him to find his other half and live peacefully despite everything.

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