Get me out of here starts Sunday A chilling

Get me out of here! starts Sunday: A chilling experience for Nathalie Simard –

We already know we’re going to discover a Nathalie Simard we’ve never seen in Get me out of here! which begins this Sunday, February 19 at 6:30 p.m. on TVA.

Already at the press tour of the new reality show ahead of the holidays, the singer and presenter said she was “very excited and very emotional” about the first episodes of Get Me Out of Here! to discover. These set the tone by showing the extreme challenges that the 10 participating personalities have to face in the jungles of Costa Rica, such as climbing, diving and jumping into the void. We give you an overview here.

The medical team commissioned by the production also had to intervene on a candidate from the first day of shooting.

Well, while difficult, this gets me out of here! was a tremendous asset to the artists who overcame it (including Doctor François Marquis who spoke about it here). Nathalie Simard herself also assures that people will see a completely different image of her.

“I think I’m building something,” she told “I think I will break the taboos of people who judge me for free without knowing me. And there are many of them! We live in a judgmental world. That’s why I did it. For me, for self-control, for the cause. I think it will allow a lot of people to see who I am. »

“I’m a clown, in life! I’m a ball of emotions, I’m emotional but I like fun, happiness! I like to laugh! I’m not a mom! »

Every participant of Get Me Out Of Here! plays the game to benefit an organization close to his heart, to which he will donate his $100,000 grand prize if he wins. Nathalie Simard, she chose to fight for the CALACS (Centers for Help and Combat Against Sexual Assault) for obvious reasons. In addition, Nathalie shared important news about the Julien Lacroix affair in the fall.

The 53-year-old lady said she was very pleased with the editing done by the Productions Déferlantes team at Sortez-moi d’ici! “It’s respectful and fun. We feel these are people who are well connected in life. They are beautiful people with their hearts in the right place. »

Nathalie Simard confirms that her loved ones, including her daughter Ève and her husband, have not hesitated at all to let her go on an adventure for Sortez-moi d’ici! last summer. But on the contrary! “My family and friends had my back and were excited for me to do this. I knew within myself that it was my place, that I had to go. »

What was the biggest fear the interpreter of “Reste ami” had to face in this context, where cots, rice and bean meals and washing hands were everyone’s lot (except for the animators Jean-Philippe Dion and Alexandre Barrette!)?

“The heights, the tarantulas, the bugs! Me, bug, I’ve always hated that! ‘ Nathalie Simard replied, her face twisting into a grin of painful memory. “I, I don’t sleep peacefully under the stars! It’s the unknown at the base and all that follows. But we all had to surpass ourselves to take a step further in life. And we have! »

Nathalie Simard also claims that the whole gang that had to stick together at Sortez-moi d’ici! will be united forever through this project.

“It formed bonds, a family grew there. We don’t see each other every week, but we always hug each other when we meet. »

The reveal of Get Me Out of Here! also gave us the opportunity to find a transformed Jean-François Mercier. Here he revealed the secret to his weight loss.

Also a contestant for the game, Livia Martin, went there with touching secrets about the death of her former boyfriend during the press screening. Read our interview with her here.