Get in were not going fast

Get in, we’re not going fast!

And the way things are going there, with gas prices exceeding $2 a liter, we won’t get very far either.

Ma Vieille almost had a stroke the last time she drove her car. She called me when I came out of the garage.

– I was about to fill up gas, guess how much it cost me?

– I know, mom, it’s made very expensive.

– Send, guess? Eighty dollars, my little girl! That does not make sense! I went to the guy and told him the pump must be broken.

Again, my Vieille owns an old Japanese tank, an “unkillable” model with 200,000 km on the clock that uses “normal” petrol.

Those who drive an electric vehicle laugh

We would love to drive green and eco-friendly, but we still don’t have all the resources to afford an electric car. Far from being able to do without a car entirely.

Meanwhile, the oil companies are getting rich at our expense and the government is sleeping on gas…

When we have to travel miles to get to the office, we envy those who still telecommute.

City dwellers who have migrated during the pandemic and travel daily are beginning to regret it.

Is the Gasp├ęsie tour still on the program for our summer holidays?

It’s crazy but staying in the south in an all inclusive would cost us less…

Tiguidou packsack, are we going camping by bike? It all depends on how old our joints are.

To say it straight away, the moment is also badly chosen to experience a love story from afar…

Before giving him a first date, make sure your prospect lives nearby.

If the trend continues: We have to take a deep breath and step on the gas, as the saying goes.

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