Gerry Scotti, hard hit: holidays "ruined" for the conductor          ​​​​​​

Gerry Scotti, hard hit: holidays "ruined" for the conductor ​​​​​​

Gerry Scotti takes a very hard hit in the last very hot days of July: what happened

The Lombard conductor is undoubtedly one of the pillars of Mediaset: after years of career with the Biscione network, there is no other way to put it. However, even the best penalties miss, just like in this case.

Gerry Scotti(@Mediaset Infinity)

It is a fact that television is less popular in summer, Italians prefer long walks to staying in front of the small screen and therefore ratings plummet in the hottest months of the year. However, there is always who wins and who loses, although the difference is very subtle, but someone also has to win over the audience.

This is not the case here Gerry Scotti this is back with a episode of The show of records which, however, did not give Canale 5 great results: 1,381,000 viewers, equal to 12.40% of the share, were not enough for Mediaset to win the public competition on Saturday 30 July.

All TV ratings for Saturday night, July 30th

The voice eldestThe logo of the Rai program (per screenshot)

Once again, Mamma Rai reaffirms her supremacy by suggesting reruns The voice eldest -Program incredibly loved by the network’s public- which gained 1,929,000 viewers on Rai Uno, taking home the win of yesterday’s spectator match on Saturday, July 30, with a 17.42% share. On Rai Due, however TG2 post it garnered 425,000 viewers, accounting for a 3.5% share. Finally on Rai Tre The factory of the world it garnered 401,000 viewers in front of the video, accounting for a 3.4% share.

Back to the Mediaset networks, on the other hand, on Rete 4 Harry Wild – The Crime Lady a total of 527,000 viewers with a share of 4.6%, while Superman & Lois On Italia 1, it entertained 572,000 viewers, a 5.1% share.