Gerry Scotti discovered his secret passion: he often does this with his son

Gerry Scotti discovered his secret passion: he often does this with his son

Few know a secret passion of famed free fall conductor Gerry Scotti. Here’s what it is and all the details.

Gerry Scotti has often spoken about his private life and his most intimate secrets, being one of the most recognizable and loved faces on the current Italian television scene. He made his first steps on the radio, the public post of Canale 5 now identifies him as a family man who has been moving into everyone’s homes with sympathy and ease for years. Mediaset has counted on its stable presence in the program for years and has carried out unforgettable programs such as Passaparola, Lo Show dei Record and the latest trapdoor quiz: Free Fall.

In addition to the conductor, another face of Gerry Scotti is also known: that of the father and recently grandfather of little Virginia. With his son Edoardo, even after the presenter separated from his son’s mother, they have always been the symbol of a solid and indestructible relationship. He recently let himself go and confided in a secret that binds him to the boy and to their time together. Here’s what it is and the details of his confession.

Gerry Scotti and the surprising revelation

A unique hobby that binds Gerry Scotti even more to his son Edoardo, something few expect and which has also caused some problems in recent years. The young man studied in the USA and, together with his father, is a big motorcycle enthusiast. This interest in vehicles is often shown by the conductor, struggling with the Show of Records and the many means of transport that follow one another in the Cologno Monzese studio. The pastime would also provide a way to escape and relieve various stresses and tensions accumulated in everyday life.

But just recently, Edoardo was the victim of an accident that happened right on the saddle of a motorcycle. It could have cost him very dearly and it was the famous presenter who told it. He spoke clearly of the great fear he felt upon hearing the news. Edoardo was hospitalized for a broken femur but thankfully he quickly recovered from the initial fear and the predicted consequences when he arrived at the hospital. We don’t know yet whether father and son still share this passion. In fact, it’s not exactly the safest thing to track and cultivate.

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