1674668245 Germany attacks train passengers with a knife two dead and

Germany attacks train passengers with a knife: two dead and five injured. Stopped the attacker

Knife attack on a train to Hamburg: A man, later stopped by the police, attacks the passengers

Posted on: 2023-01-25 17:55

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The fear of terrorism is back Germany. Two people were killed in one White weapon attack happened on board a Rail Regional traffic from Kiel to Hamburg. The alleged killer, a man of Syrian origin, was stopped by the police.

Knife attack on the train

The episode happened this afternoon, January 25, on board a regional train that was used for Hamburgin north Germany.

According to a first reconstruction of the German police, it is a man armed with a knife has attacked the passengers around 3pm before the train arrived at the station Brokstedtabout 60 kilometers north of Hamburg in Schleswig-Holstein.

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Germany attacks train passengers with a knife: two dead and five injured.  Stopped the attacker

Record of the attack

The still temporary toll of the attack is two dead and five were injured. The dpa agency announced this, citing Schleswig-Holstein’s Interior Minister Sabine Sütterlin-Waack.

The police intervened on site and cordoned off the area, as did the ambulances and the medical staff to rescue the people.

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Stopped the attacker

The police have arrested The alleged perpetrator of the attack would be a man of Syrian origin, whose identity has not yet been released. unknown at the moment the reasons for the attack.

inconvenience to rail transport: The police blocked Brokstedt station, as a result several local and long-distance trains between Hamburg, Kiel and Neumünster were canceled.


Photo source: ANSA