Gerard Piques mother doesnt like Shakiras actions

Gerard Piqué’s mother doesn’t like Shakira’s actions

The mother of Gerald Pique, Shakira’s ex-partner, betrayed her to international media Disgust at the stance taken by the Colombian singer his love break.

Maria, a friend of Monserrat Bernabeu, as Shakira’s former mother-in-law is calledShe expressed on a Spanish TV show called Cuatro al día that Piqué’s mother was uncomfortable with the Colombian’s allegations in her new musical subject “Music Session No. 53”.

“What should the family be like? There are things that are unfair and his monse doesn’t like that,” says María, characterizing how Piqué’s mother feels.

Twelve years of relationship and two children don’t seem to have been enough for Shakira and Monserrat Bernabeu to have a good relationship. After the split, the Colombian singer mentioned her in her “Music Session #53” along with bizarre rap and with the success of the release, she played it at full volume in her house and decorated the balcony with a witch looking over her ex-in-law . .

“They talk about Monse, if we mothers-in-law are bad, then this is the best mother-in-law I’ve ever met,” added María, referring to the verse “You left my mother-in-law as a neighbor / With the press at the door and the debt in the treasury”included in the song Shakira recorded with the Argentine producer.