Gerard Piqué would move to Miami if Shakira goes there with her kids

Gerard Piqué would move to Miami if Shakira goes there with her kids

After the announced Shakira and Gerard Piqu have splitafter 12 years of relationship and two children together, information about what is happening around one of the most stable couples in sports and entertainment keeps coming out.

It emerged last week that the Colombian singer would be thinking of her following their split from the Barcelona footballer Moved to Miami, Fla. with his children Milan and Sascha.

Will Piqué move to the US to be with his kids?

Gerard Piqu would consider going there live in Miami Whether Shakira will manage to move to the US city with her children, sports journalist Albert Lesan stressed in an interview with ‘Slvame’.

Lesan thus revealed one of the possibilities the Barcelona player has in mind that would be a real bombshell:

“What’s circulating in Barcelona is this piqu, that he is a father“I would consider going to Miami with her kids when Shakira finally takes them because what he wants, even more than Bara, is to be with his kids,” he said.

His fate in Barcelona

Lesan also said how the defense would have reacted had he known he was not involved in any plans Xaviwho doesn’t see him as a starter for the following season.

“You get me the best central defender in the world and I make him a substitute. I promise to devote myself exclusively to Bara for two years, leaving the companies aside.”

Stop following Piqu on social networks

That’s what digital marketing expert Jos Noblejas said on the same show Catalan loses followers on social networks while his ex-partner Shakira is on the rise.

“On Instagram alone, Shakira has gained two and a half million followers in the last 28 days. Gerard Piqu lost almost a million,” explained Noblejas.

For the past few days, the performer of “I congratulate you” has gained 300,000 followers out of 300,000 every day, and the football player is losing followers every day.

“Is now It’s difficult for any brand to connect with Gerard Piqu.”the expert deepened.