Gerard Pique publishes his first official photo with Clara Chia

Gerard Piqué publishes his first official photo with Clara Chía Martí on the networks and these were the reactions

After multiple leaks and that they became the most controversial couple of 2022, Gerard Piqué published the first photo with his new partner on his Instagram accountClara Chia Marti.

In the middle of the argument that revolves around the ex-soccer player and ShakiraPiqué has decided to post his first public photo on January 25 with his new partner, with whom he allegedly cheated on the Colombian singer.

Since his split from Shakira in early June 2022, the only photos are of Piqué and Clara Chía that came to light were footage captured by various paparazzi.

Now the former footballer shared the photo where he can be seen with Clara Chía Martí. while smiling at the camera.

The photo did not go unnoticed by anyone, and it began to gain relevance on social networks to the point that 45 minutes after the photo was published It already has more than 1 million reactions on Piqué’s Instagram account.

In addition, the photo generated hundreds of comments not only from the ex-footballer’s supporters, but also from Shakira fansas they have started to criticize the couple.

Many negative comments on the photo refer to a letter from Shakira’s new song with bizarre rap, where she states that she is a Rolex and Clara Chía is a Casio.

Definitely a Twingo for a Casio“, “So this is the Casio“, “It’s clearly a Twingo“, “What a beautiful Twingo“Y”We thought 2020 was the “busy” year‘ were some of the standout comments in Piqué’s release.

Despite the fact that most of the comments made about Clara Chía Martí are negative, some netizens positive that the couple has published their first photo together.