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Gerard Piqué cried to get back together with Shakira after breakup OFoxico

Spanish paparazzi Jordí Martín, who closely followed the relationship Shakira and Gerhard Pique Since they started dating 12 years ago, he was the one who opened the eyes of the Colombian singer to the exsoccer player’s infidelity, after following him in several ballads and seeing Piqué being unfaithful mainly in his relationship with Shakira when she wasn’t in Barcelona.

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Jordí threatened Piqué on Twitter to “take his mask off” before telling the interpreter everything, and then Shakira reportedly hired detectives to confirm Martín’s allegations.

This week, in a report for Latin show El Gordo y la Flaca, he said he tried to reconcile with Shakira last May amid the couple’s Piquécaused split.

According to a person close to the situation, Gerard even cried when he asked his children’s mother for a second chance and would have broken up with Clara Chía to get back with the artist, but Shakira didn’t accept him back.

And she also spoke about this moment in her song with Argentine composer Bizarrap, when she said: “I, with you, will not come back / Not even if you cry, not even if you beg me”.

Martín explained on the show, “Last April is the date that Shakira and Piqué ended their relationship [depois de suas revelações], but a month later, Gerard, still dating Clarita, regrets leaving Shakira and decides to try again. He’s coming back home, but that attempt didn’t work for them and then they decided to end it completely,” the paparazzi said.


Shakira would have done anything to spread the word of her infidelity Gerhard Pique did not reach the press, as revealed this week by the Univisión network’s television program “El Gordo y la Flaca” in the United States. The singer had hired detectives to follow in Piqué’s footsteps after the former soccer player stepped up his latenight jaunts, with her at home or not.

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However, although she already had all the material confirming the betrayal, she paid extra for the alleged detectives to keep the news confidential as she intended to announce the breakup.

But the news assures that the Colombian was betrayed by the same detectives who sold the information to the media after receiving the exclusive pictures.

He also paid an exbrotherinlaw who also had information, it is said.

Shakira has many other photos of Piqué in compromising situations with another woman, but those photos will never be revealed, the TV program claims.

Paparazzo Jordi Martín said: “Shakira didn’t want the news to get out,” he explains.

Now the singer not only admits that she was betrayed, but also surprised her followers with the direct messages against Piqué and Clara Chía, which she published in her new song with bizarre rap.

if on the one hand Gerhard Pique is angry about new music by Shakira with “bizarreBZRP Music Session #53, where the singer opens up about the breakup and attacks the exfootballer’s girlfriend Clara Chía Martí, is worse, according to people close to the 23yearold student, who no longer wants to leave the house avoid confrontation with the press and the paparazzi.

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In the song, Shakira plays with words and criticizes the girl, saying things like “She has a good person’s name Clara mente, she is not what she seems… Clara mente… she is just like you”. According to QMD magazine, Clara is quite upset about the situation and that she continues to be credited as the lynchpin of Shakira and Piqué’s split.

And according to Spanish journalist Miquel Blázquez, Clara could sue Chía Martí Shakira for her attacks because it’s possible to sue for defamation and moral harassment, but he doesn’t think the PR student will do that now.

“She’s having a very bad time with this whole affair, she’s being haunted a lot, although she’s not to blame for anything,” the communicator said.

“There are a lot of photographers and paparazzi following her all the time, and in fact she has stopped going to the cosmos [empresa de Piqué]… It is understood that she continues to work from home,” Blázquez added, explaining that she avoids going out.

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Gerard Piqué reacted “positively” to the song and announced that he has a new sponsor for his game Kings League Infojobs, the Casio brand [mencionada na música de Shakira] and while handing out clocks to his comrades on set, he warned:

“This watch is for life, it’s damn good”.

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Gerard Pique cried to get back together with Shakira after

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