Georgina Rodríguez posed like a "pretty mom" in a mini dress    show

Georgina Rodríguez posed like a "pretty mom" in a mini dress show

Georgina Rodríguez posed like a

Georgina Rodríguez posed as ‘Pretty Mommy’ in a mini dress | Instagram

At 28, the beautiful model Georgina Rodríguez is living the dream life of a modern and successful woman, her public image based on family, glamor and femininity has earned her an affectionate nickname from other celebrities that could not be more apt. business women Kae Sutherland he called her “Pretty Mommy”.

Via his official Instagram account, the footballer’s beautiful wife Cristiano Ronaldo He shared a roll of two photos sporting a stunning monochromatic blue look, making it clear that despite being a mother to 5 little ones, the celebrity doesn’t put down his cheerfulness and energy.

Garments in bright electric blue emphasize the wonderful tan Georgina Rodriguezwho has proven to be a faithful follower of fashion, now fully realizes her potential with one of the trend colors for this spring-summer 2022 season. As she has done with her looks in recent weeks, she has imposed a new trend.

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With a simple diamond emoji, the influencer very well described the concept of her outfit, which was full of this gem in every detail. From the XL watch to the bracelets on her wrist, the model has squandered the huge budget she can afford.

In the Stories section of the camera’s social network georgina gio, as she is affectionately known to her fans, left another postcard this afternoon of her outside her huge home in Madrid. Nothing is known about his permanent residence in the Spanish capital, but everything indicates that he will remain there for a long time.

The comments praising her good taste in clothes and her wonderful attitude were right below the post on her feed, with lots of blue hearts to match her outfit.

“Woooow darling”, “No words”, “Hey Queen, where’s the king…?”, “BLUE IS YOUR COLOR LOVE”, “MAMA MIA”, “Blue Queen”, “That dress It looks very beautiful ayy.” ‘, ‘You are the most beautiful my queen’, ‘How lovely you are Gio’, ‘My god I almost drowned just looking at the ring’ were some of the comments.

In past days Georgina Rodriguez She made headlines around the world for the perfect manicure she wore to attend singer Rosalía’s concert. It was an elegant shade of silver with glitter that, despite being a very eye-catching shade, has not lost its elegance and discretion.

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