George Santos the US Congressman who lied about everything

George Santos, the US Congressman who lied about everything

by Viviana Mazza

United States, lies about mother and work. But the Republicans need his vote and they are not thinking of kicking him out, on the contrary: they are giving him a seat on two House committees

New York – the political version of Frank Abagnale who pretended to be a Pan Am pilot, doctor and prosecutor as told in Catch Me If You Can, which was also made into a film. the male version of Anna Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey, who pretended to be an heiress to gain access to New York’s high society. Unlike Abagnale and Sorokin, George Santos has not yet been convicted of fraud. He appears every day in Congress, where Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy has just appointed him to two House committees (science and small business). This is despite the fact that a Santos aide is posing as McCarthy’s chief of staff to raise money for his November election in New York’s Third Circuit. But given the narrow Republican majority, the speaker needs every vote. And the congressman under investigation for lying about every aspect of the curriculum and the origin of the $700,000 he used to fund his campaign has no intention of leaving: I embellished the curriculum, he says, but I did have committed no crime.

Santos never worked for Citigroup or Goldman Sachs, or graduated from the prestigious Baruch College (or anywhere else) — he said he accepted a volleyball scholarship, took the team so seriously that he ended up with two prosthetic knees, but it was worth, she had destroyed Harvard: all wrong. He worked for a year at Harbor City Capital, an investment company accused of setting up a Ponzi scheme: Santos invested the money of Andrew Intrater, the cousin of sanctioned Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg. And Intrater funded Santos’ campaign with tens of thousands of dollars.

He lied about his mother’s death: on Twitter, he said it happened in the September 11 attacks; Her campaign page instead claimed that she was in her South Tower office that day, but died of cancer a few years later; in reality, Fatima Caruso Devolder was not in the United States but in Brazil, where George says he was born in 1988. He lied about his Jewish origins: the alleged Jewish grandparents, who fled Europe during World War II, were born in pre-conflict Brazil. When we spoke to him at the Republican-Jewish Coalition summit in Las Vegas in November, he spoke of Italian relatives: A rare truth may have escaped him (his maternal great-grandfather’s name was Vicente Caruso).

Santos has used several pseudonyms: Under the name Anthony Devolder, he ran an animal welfare organization, Friends of Pets United. A Navy veteran asked him to help save his dog suffering from cancer; Devolder created an online page, raised three thousand dollars, but then sent the owner and the dog to a vet he knew who said the tumor could not be operated on and scattered the money (the dead dog). A Wikipedia page by Devolder states that she allegedly won beauty pageants as a drag queen. Santos comes out as gay (even though he was married). A photo shows him in 2008 in the role of a drag queen under the pseudonym Kitara, but he denies this. deny everything The New York Times believes the look helped win him over, as with Anna Sorokin: the gray and periwinkle crew-neck sweaters beneath the jacket, beige pants, and black-rimmed glasses (but according to some, he can see very well ) as a student of the “fleeting moment. Two friends accuse him of stealing a Burberry scarf and an Armani shirt; In Brazil, she used checks to buy clothes and shoes from an elderly man her mother was caring for as a nurse.

Physicist and Democratic Congressman Bill Foster wrote on Twitter that he can’t wait to be included on the science committee by Santos, winner of both the Nobel and Fields medals, for his pioneering work in the field of imaginary numbers.

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