George Santos sister handles the eviction case

George Santos’ sister handles the eviction case

George Santos’ sister settles eviction case over $39,050 in unpaid rent: Landlord claimed she failed to pay for the Queens apartment where she lived with Long Island liar for five months while donating to him

Rep. George Santos’ sister is finally settling a long-running lawsuit with the landlord of an Elmhurst, Queens apartment over unpaid rent.

Housing court records showed that Tiffany Lee Devolder Santos owed the landlord, 90-02 QB Holdings, $39,050 in rent arrears, despite receiving more than $30,000 from the Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) in July.

The 11th-hour settlement was announced by Judge John Lansden, confirming that Devolder Santos had vacated the site on January 18.

Based on the settlement agreement, she pays $19,525 by giving the landlord $1,000 each month beginning March 31 until the spaces are paid in full; the landlord waived the balance of $19,525.00

From March 2020 to December 2022, Tiffany donated $5,000 to her brother’s campaign and $25,000 to other GOP candidates, according to Federal Election Commission records, as first reported by the Daily Beast.

Rep. George Santos’ (R-NY) sister has settled the case with the landlord in Queen County Housing Court after possessing nearly $40,000 in rent arrears

The first-term congressman, who represents parts of Queens and Long Island, had listed 90-02 Queens Blvd, No. 520 in Elmhurst, New York, for federal campaign finance loans, although he was based at another address in Whitestone (about eight miles away ) was registered to vote.

Santos, 34, is facing a series of investigations after it was revealed he lied outright about many aspects of his personal and professional background, including how he received money to fund his campaign when he Been nearly evicted several times for late payment.

Questions surrounding Santos extend beyond his misrepresentations — both nuanced and overt — to voters, including whether his congressional campaigning complied with the law in his reporting to the Federal Elections Commission.

Congress and law enforcement remain concerned about the pervasive and significant irregularities in its campaign committee’s financial reports and the source of Santos’ wealth.

If the Santos campaign is found to have knowingly and intentionally made a “materially false, fictitious or fraudulent statement or representation” in its records, it could potentially be prosecuted, the FEC said in a letter to the campaign in January.

Alongside the congressional drama, he’s also under investigation by the FBI over allegations that the fact-challenged congressman once used a fake pet charity, Friends of Pets United, to raise $3,000 for a disabled veteran’s dog with cancer and keep the money for himself self.

In a tweet responding to some of the fundraising allegations, Santos said, “My work in animal advocacy has been the work of love and hard work.”

During a five-minute interview with FOX 5 on Thursday, Santos remained baffled by the recent attention paid to his finances.

“I still don’t understand why there is this enormous scrutiny and investigation into my business practices and their legitimacy. I operated honestly,” Santos said.