Genesis Rodriguez and the love affair with her father Puma

Genesis Rodríguez and the love affair with her father, Puma Rodríguez, is shown in this VIDEO

The actress Genesis Rodriguez The 34-year-old is living out a major professional gift by premiering the third season of the series ‘Umbrella Academy’ on Netflix. In this production, she plays Sloane, a super-powered woman who can defy the law of gravity.

The truth is that the youngest daughter of the Puma Rodriguez He has made an important journey in the world of acting and has found success in Hollywood. He didn’t need his father’s fame for that, but whenever they can, they both publicly demonstrate the love they have for each other.

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Now in the midst of promoting Umbrella Academy Season 3, Genesis Rodriguez I honor his roots in a short interview in which he confessed some of his intimacy, such as his favorite food. She affirmed that she is a fan of Venezuelan arepas and their fillings are one of her favorite preparations.

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Genesis Rodriguez. Source: Terra Archive

Regarding his Cuban gastronomic tastes, which he inherited from his mother, the model Carolina Pérez, Genesis Rodriguez He pointed out that his favorite is the palomilla steak with rice, beans, sweet plantains and some tostones. When asked about her taste in music, the actress was surprised.

Genesis Rodriguez She began explaining that she was a fan of Gloria Stefan, Buena Vista Social Club, Orquesta Aragon de Cuba and Celia Cruz, but when they asked her about Venezuela, she said, “There is only one person in the country that I am Could give credit to and his name is Jose Luis “El Puma” Rodriguez who is also my father, otherwise it would be unfair”.