Gazebo: The Web Series takes the lead in its second season

Gazebo: The Web Series takes the lead in its second season

Marie-Soleil Dion and Louis-Olivier Maufette reopen the doors of their pavilion to us. And they’re not alone: ​​Anne Dorval, Josée Deschênes, Sylvie Léonard, Tranna Wintour and Micheline Bernard land in the 450 for this second season.

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The first season of the Gazebo web series was a resounding success – both in terms of popularity and critics – when it was launched on the platform just over a year ago. This reception even surpassed the expectations of the couple, who act as both authors and main actors.

“A web series on a paid platform… it could have gone haywire. We knew we were going with two takes,” says Marie-Soleil Dion, laughing.

“But it came online just before the 2021 holidays when we were reconfiguring. I think the timing helped us in a way; We came up with a weird proposition at a time when people had time and needed a laugh,” she adds.

go further

However, this web format works in their favor in a way. An example? He grants them “extraordinary freedom” to take their words of disrespect as far as they want. Because they are aware that their brand of humor might make a conventional, more cautious broadcaster hesitate.

“I’m not sure if all the gags could have been shown on television,” confirms Louis-Olivier Maufette, giving examples that we’re not mentioning here in order not to spoil things.

“But to be able to write the humor that we love, that we want to deliver with such freedom, that’s something I wish for all writers,” he continues.

fact and fiction

The pair therefore find Marie and Loulou, their fictional alter egos, for 10 new episodes of around 12 minutes each, all of which started earlier this week. And since a full year has passed since the events of season one, a lot has changed for these adopted suburbanites: they’ve given up their dreams of self-sufficiency and dumped their exotic pets.

Her daughter Mathilde has become a prominent influencer. And as for little Paul, well, he’s grown up, which forces the writers to tackle this time warp.

“With a rapidly aging baby, you can clearly see that time has passed; we can’t pretend we’re only a month or two later. That gave us the opportunity to ask ourselves where the other characters are after a year,” explains Louis-Olivier Maufette.

“Anyway, I think we’ve gone pretty far on some ideas, like the self-sufficiency trip,” adds Marie-Soleil Dion.

“We wondered if it was the premise that was interesting, or if it was our characters. And we sincerely think that Marie, Loulou, Mathilde, and the baby — their relationships and their personalities — are more interesting. From there we can make them live what we want to vary the stories,” she concludes.

The following?

Could a third season be on the horizon for Gazebo? Nothing is decided yet. One thing is for sure, the couple already have heads full of ideas for the future of Marie, Loulou and their children.

“It sure happens to us to live things up and tell us it would be perfect for other episodes of Gazebo. But we don’t rush anything. We’re working on our other writing projects, we’re very Zen with all of that,” says Louis-Olivier Maufette.

“We’ll see how people take to the new episodes when the public gets there. And that’s out of our control at this point. So we’re letting the show – our baby – live without us for now and will see if there’s interest and demand. We are open,” adds Marie-Soleil Dion.

The second season of Gazebo is available in the Extra section of ICI