Gay Sauna uses the image of an actor rebelling;  see photo

Gay Sauna uses the image of an actor rebelling; see photo

Actor Igor Cosso, who aired on Globo in Salvese Quem Puder (20202021), was disgusted when he saw a photo of himself used in an advertisement for a gay sauna in Curitiba (PR). “Safofo: looking sassy and cute at the same time,” he said in the commercial, which features the actor shirtless. Taking to social media, the artist shared his outrage with the establishment and warned that he would take legal action to correct the use of his inappropriate image.

“And a gay sauna in Curitiba that used photos of me in their posts and ads on Instagram and sent them to me? Good my friend [Heron Leal] is a lawyer,” he began in an outburst.

“Look at that! ‘Safofo’, pqp. Everyone in my life has seen it”

Igor Kosso

he wrote on Twitter. Despite his revolt, supporters joked about the situation, since advertising uses the actor’s image as a symbol of beauty and moments of pleasure. “Was it abuse of the picture? Yes! Was it a lie? No!” one person wrote.

continues after advertising

“I love that people think they can use people’s photos however they see fit! There’s such a thing as image rights! Lawsuit is coming!” remarked another person. “I know what they did wrong, but I laugh a lot. (laughs) The Brazilian’s daring is second to none,” said one netizen.



NaTelinha found the profile of the company mentioned by the actor. The company calls itself Clube Privado on Instagram and has more than 300 posts. However, the mail printed by Igor is no longer available. The report contacted the club but there was no response as of the release of this report. The report is updated when a reply is sent.

continues after advertising

ExGlobo actor comes out as gay

While on the air on Globo’s Salvese Quem Puder in 2020, Igor used LGBTQIA+ Pride Day to admit that he is gay. He used his social network profile to share a photo with his friend, along with a caption with a statement to the loved one. “What now? Losing followers, clearer and more beautiful photo of me in love,” Igor Cosso began in the Instagram post’s caption. “Thank you for the good energy! Let’s be happy and proud of ourselves always!” the actor concluded in the same post.