Gato grows faster than expected and could break a world

Gato grows faster than expected and could break a world record; Footage I love my pet

A cat surprised many users on the Internet because of its size. At just nine months old, the cat from Phoenix, USA, is already the size of a child. The story was told by the British newspaper Daily Star.

The giant ball of fur called Kusa can easily be mistaken for a resident tiger. However, the Main Coon kitten is just a pup who has grown a little larger than expected.

Tutor Chastity Hobbs shows on her Instagram profile the daily challenges of caring for the cat, which weighs over ten kilos and is one meter tall.

When adopted in July 2022, Kusa was slightly larger than a “normal” kitten, but that was about to change.

Gato can be considered the largest in the world. Gato can be considered the largest in the world. (Photo: Reproduction Instagram @through.the.lleaves)

Its size can be compared to that of a fiveyearold child and there is a chance that it is the largest kitten in the world.

“Anyone who sees Kusa thinks he’s been crossed with a lynx or something,” the owner said in an interview with the Daily Star.

Chastity says that despite his huge size, Kusa is anything but a savage predator.

“We have three other cats and Kusa is at the bottom of the cat pecking order he’s very cute. He likes attention and is a very cuddly cat,” he said.

But the huge ball of fur also presents its owner with a number of challenges.

Chasity explains that caring for Kusa counts double. “We need to expand,” he commented.

Gato when he was just two months old. Gato when he was just two months old. (Photo: Reproduction Instagram @through.the.lleaves)

Kusa needs a special litter box, and normal scratching furniture is no longer sufficient due to the dimensions.

According to the tutor, she currently spends BRL 750 per week on feeding her four pets.

“Living with Kusa was fantastic it was wonderful to be with him.”

For Kusa’s current height, he could break the world record for Maine Coon height.

The largest cat in the world, also of the Main Coon breed, weighs 15 kilos and is almost 1.20 meters long.

Watch a video of Kusa’s growth over the past few months:

the race

Normally, Main Coons are up to one meter long. Males usually weigh five to nine kilograms, females are slightly lighter. But Kusa is already significantly larger than an adult conspecific and is far from being fully grown.

Despite their impressive size, the Maine Coon is known for being a docile, friendly, and very playful animal, according to Cobasi. It is not for nothing that this breed is known under the nickname “gentle giant”.

Breed presents a very extensive color variation. Breed presents a very extensive color variation. (Photo: Reproduction Internet)

The Maine Coon breed is known for its extremely dense and smooth fur. On the body, the fur can vary from long on the belly to short on the back. In addition, it has a color variation that makes the cat of this breed even more special.

Another oddity is that cats of this breed are not as independent as most cats. The Maine Coon will love your company. Even with strangers, this breed prefers to keep their distance, not begging too much for their attention.

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