Gas and electricity, good news: prices are increasing, but there is a lifesaver

Gas and electricity, good news: prices are increasing, but there is a lifesaver

The Aid-bis decree intervenes to protect users within the framework of a free market economy. Gas prices were controlled thanks to the freeze on unilateral changes.

Where the cut does not arrive, there is protection. This seems to be the picture of energy consumption until next spring. The expensive energy is actually buffered by the consumption regimes themselves.

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That is, gas and electricity suppliers cannot unilaterally propose contract changes for open market contracts. In this way, the price of the invoices cannot increase even if the right of withdrawal exists. A rule of Aid Ordinance until apparently intending to leave a concrete legacy on the part of the Draghi government. All measures have in fact been prepared to allow the Italians next winter can dampen best the growth of inflation. First of all, by determining a direct help in the payroll. And yet try to provide a suitable instrument to stop the emergency price increase without losing too much from your own pocket.

Measures that the next government must step up, or at least confirm, but which has new resources that at the moment seem to be quite complicated to find. said that regarding energy costs commodity prices will therefore calm down, a direct consequence of the crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine and all the measures taken in this regard. Therefore, for gas in particular, it will be possible to obtain at least a guarantee that the cost of supply will not increase, based on unequivocal decisions of management companies.

Gas and light, no more one-sided changes: What changes for customers

The only detail to be considered concerns whether the contracts in question belong to the free market organization. Those who are part of the higher protection system, on the other hand, must pay the rates set by the arera. But not only. Three other aspects need serious consideration, not only for users but also for those who benefit from the service. The effectiveness of the contractual clauses that allow unilateral modification of the General Terms and Conditions is suspended until April 30, 2023. The Aid bis decree itself provides for this, in Article 3. A fundamental point, if only to define the rights of the user. Not to mention that the government’s intervention will appear retrospective. Another variable in favor of consumers.

In fact, any unilateral modification of the Treaties is annulled by virtue of the same article. The decree states that until the date in question, “the notices given for the above purposes prior to the effective date of this decree are void.” This is provided the modifications in question have not already been perfected. In addition, even before the Life Saving Act was introduced, companies were obliged to give notice of at least three months before the actual contract change. In this way, most so-called “pejorative” interventions will not be able to reach the lady. It is also expected another intervention to protect the weaker sections of the population, again from January 2023. The taxpayers concerned are offered a natural gas price that corresponds to the actual price on the wholesale market.

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