Galvão reassures fans after spinal surgery: ‘Prepare for Qatar’     Esporte

Galvão reassures fans after spinal surgery: ‘Prepare for Qatar’ Esporte

Galvão Bueno published a video on social media today (31) reassuring fans about his state of health. The TV Globo narrator underwent spinal surgery last Friday (29) to correct a small tear and is already walking in hospital. The process will take place around four months before the 2022 World Cup.

For those who were worried about me, I’m going!! Everything is great here!! Prepare for Qatar 2022!! Thanks for the love everyone!!

Galvao Bueno (@galvaobueno) July 31, 2022

“For those who were worried about me, I’m already leaving! Everything is great here! Preparation for Qatar 2022! Thank you for everyone’s affection!” Galvão wrote in the caption. He attached a video to the publication of him walking in the hospital and explained the spinal surgery.

“I’m already here, free, relaxed, walking, exercising, because these months will be very exhausting,” the spokesman introduced in the recording. “There’s recording for Globoplay, there’s a lot of commercial recording and campaigning, thank goodness,” he added.

“I have to prepare for the World Cup, there are trips to Europe, Japan and the United States before going to Qatar, so I had to do what was an old thing that got in my way,” Galvão commented.

The Qatar World Cup will be held in Qatar between November 21st and December 18th this year. In Group G, Brazil make their debut on the 24th, on a Thursday, against Serbia.

“But I’m fine, aren’t I?” the narrator continued, speaking to the doctor who was with him. “It’s great,” she replied.

“For those who underwent the procedure two days ago, I’m fine. Shall we walk more? Bye guys, thanks!” concluded Galvão Bueno.