Galilea Montijo melts the web with a fitted mini dress

Galilea Montijo melts the web with a fitted mini dress with a plunging neckline

Galilea Montijo has attracted attention on social networks in the last few hours for posting a couple of postcards on her Instagram profile showing off the spectacular outfit with which she welcomed the New Year and this one Postcards have brought her hundreds of compliments A fitted mini dress with a plunging neckline allowed her to show off every curve of her spectacular figure. The popular presenter of “Today” was able to show why she is considered a fashion guru.

As mentioned, that was the case over the busy camera app Galilee Montijo disseminated the photo in question, which had a double intention, because in addition to delight the student of the more than 10 million followers it holds on said platform it also helped him to maintain his quality as a fashion guru, as he already flaunts the spectacular outfits of his everyday life more than regularly.

Galilea Montijo sighed with her New Year’s outfit. Photo: IG: Galileamontijo

These postcards were originally published by the famous makeup artist Alfonso Waitsmanwho is one of the closest friends of the beloved conductor from Guadalajara, and only a few hours later Galilea Montijo replicated her on her Instagram profile, accompanied by a New Year’s message.

Ready to welcome you in 2023, total emotion to open the gifts you have for us: life, health, abundance, friends, smiles, good projects, travel, contact with nature, family and lots of love” was the text accompanying the photos of Galilea Montijo and Alfonso Waithsman embracing each other at a luxurious property in Acapulco showed off warriors.

Galilea Montijo squanders style to launch 2023. Photo: IG: galileamontijo

It is worth noting that in another publication Galilea Montijo assured that the end of 2022 was one of the happiest of his life Well, he posted a photo in which he assumed he might have all his family and close friends nearby.

As for the outfit, with the Galilee Montijo 2023 received, it was about a fitted black mini dress with gold polka dots and this garment not only allowed her to accentuate her curves, but also allowed her to show off her charms in all its glory because it had a deep neckline in the front area, for which the beloved driver lent more than a sigh.

Galilea Montijo welcomed the year in the company of all her loved ones. Photo: IG: Galileamontijo

To complete her spectacular outfit, Galilee Montijo she wore only a cross pendant necklace and a subtle bracelet, also she was very subtle about her makeup, so He was able to show off the beauty of his natural face and also opted for the natural fall of her hair.

Galilea Montijo’s photos did not go unnoticed by the users of the camera application, the proof of which is that in just a few hours His posts reached nearly 100,000 likes.what is more the good wishes and flattery did not wait, Therefore, the comments box was filled with hundreds of compliments from his fans and even from other show business celebrities.

Galilea Montijo is considered one of the most beautiful women in show business. Photo: IG: Galileamontijo

“You are beautiful”, “More beautiful every day”, “A true goddess”, “The fairest of them all”, “Perfection made a woman”, “Simply spectacular” and “A true queen” were some of the compliments she received were received. I have the lovable companion of a thousand battles by Andrea Legarreta.


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