Galilea Lopez Morillo granddaughter of Puma is caught on camera

Galilea López Morillo, granddaughter of Puma, is caught on camera showing her beauty

The young influencer Galilea Lopez Morillo 27 years old is the only granddaughter of Puma Rodriguez but they are not related because of the singer’s estrangement from his mother, Liliana. The truth is that she doesn’t need her grandfather to make a splash with every appearance on social media.

Galilea Lopez Morillo He is a phenomenon on the social network of the camera and only there he collects more than 98,000 followers aware of his movements and publications. For them, she shares her best poses and looks as she has become a benchmark of fashion and trends over time.

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In these days, Galilea Lopez Morillo She encourages her mother, Liliana Rodríguez, to continue virtually in the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos 3” and is also delighted with her boyfriend Jorge Cuadra, whom she publicly introduced a few weeks ago on the occasion of her birthday.

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Galilee Lopez Morillo. Source: instagram @galilealopezmorillo_

Now, Galilea Lopez Morillo She surprised her fans with a production of photos taken of her by her friend, writing: “Happy Wednesday my friends! My best friend flew in for the week and we played with her new 14 Pro Max now I need one. Have a great day everyone, wait it’s almost Friday!”

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Galilee Lopez Morillo. Source: instagram @galilealopezmorillo_

In the images, which immediately went viral, Galilea Lopez Morillo She wears pants and a baggy bodice in black, underneath is a body in the same color but with lace that gives the look a sensual touch. Ps granddaughterUma Rodriguez She styled the look with a delicate maje-up and her long hair down.