Gala ComediHa!: Impeccable course for Laurent Paquin

Gala ComediHa!: Impeccable course for Laurent Paquin

For the ComediHa! which he moderated for the first time, Laurent Paquin was very present. We saw him numerously, both solo and with guests, who enriched an evening with a very pleasant sense of humor and his image.

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He said he was approached by the ComediHa! Fest to add a bit of intelligence to the gala evenings at the Capitole de Québec.

With a friendly face and relaxed on the boards, Laurent Paquin opened the gala with a nice contribution to “small talk”, those small, harmless conversations on the street and in the shops.

It’s okay, he said, to talk to strangers about the weather and everyday things. No need to jump into big meaningful interactions.

“The dogs ‘sniff’ each other’s farts, we talk about the weather. I prefer the latter,” he said.

He enjoyed birthday wishes on Facebook, which he compared to tsunamis of love.

“Remove your birthday from Facebook, you’ll see people laugh a lot at your party,” he noted.

Anthony Kavanagh and Laurent Paquin then played the nice comedians, without refraining from a few dirty words. A duo that the guest compared to an Oreo cookie… double cream.

Lacroix and Bond

“I invited you to spread love,” Paquin told his guest, reminding him that there had been a lot of hate and negativity this year.

“Who writes your lyrics? Julien Lacroix and Philippe Bond,” Kavanagh replied.

Guillaume Pineault forged bridges between the professions of priest and comedian.

Photo agency QMI, Marcel Tremblay

Guillaume Pineault forged bridges between the professions of priest and comedian.

In an issue on religion, Guillaume Pineault, because he wanted to be a priest when he was younger, explained that the profession of comedian is very similar to that of a priest.

“I stand, I say church words, I tell you everything and you listen to me, and I too have colleagues who have done unacceptable things,” he said.

Sylvain Larocque offered a well-written number on the search for love in the 1950s, and another Sylvain, Marcel, paid tribute to Yvon Deschamps by continuing his monologue Le Bonheur with a moving finale.

Just before the break, Laurent Paquin took out his ukulele for a very successful number of current songs.

“I saw the price of gas and wanted to set myself on fire, but I can’t afford it,” he sang. He also referenced the Montreal Canadiens, which, like fruit, don’t last long and rot the rest of the time, which delighted Quebec audiences.

After the break, he returned for a well-received and very funny segment on fat phobia, in which he said that a fat man who goes outside is a fat man who eats Putin on a picnic table.

♦ Guillaume Pineault and Anne-Élisabeth Bossé will moderate the last Gala ComediHa this Friday evening! Guests are François Boulianne, Jean-Michel Martel, Jean-Thomas Jobin, Katherine Levac, Suzie Bouchard, Florence Longpré, Guillaume Wagner, Matthieu Pepper and Martin Perizzolo.