Gabriela Duarte contradicts Regina Duarte and rejects Bolsonarist attacks in

Gabriela Duarte contradicts Regina Duarte and rejects Bolsonarist attacks in Brasília

Actress Gabriela Duarte this Monday (9) dismissed the coup and vandalism attacks that took place in Brasília the day before.

“Vandalism and ignorance are enemies of freedom,” she posted on Instagram. In the stories of the social network, the actress also shared two pictures against the deeds. One of them shows a Brazilian flag with the inscription “Without order there is no progress. And no country either. No vandalism!“.

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“Whoever vandalizes doesn’t represent me,” he also posted.

Daughter of Regina Duarte, staunch defender of former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Gabriela does not follow her mother on Instagram. In a Dec. 29 post, she shared a photo of Regina with her grandchildren in a pool. “A good end of the year, we are a family [somos uma família]’ she wrote in the caption. However, she did not tag her mother’s profile in the post.

Gabriela usually does not express herself politically. One of the few times he has taken a stand was right after Lula (PT) was elected last year. On that occasion, she shared a message from moderator and economist Ricardo Amorim, who defended support for the PT.

The Post said it was time to support the new president and support him and the country to make things work. In the publication, Gabriela used the hashtags #eutorçopelobrasil and #euqueroquetodosganhem.

Regina Duarte, former culture minister in the Bolsonaro government, usually publishes multiple posts a day in support of the former president.

Early Sunday afternoon (8) she shared a video praising the politician. In it, he showed a passage of the politician through the United States and the affection shown to him by supporters. “If this continues, Bolsonaro will end up being President of the US and we will be the losers,” the caption reads.

Regina even wrote that it was necessary to remain calm. “He may have looked crazy, but he always fought for the four lines. The Constitution will stop him. Always,” he added.

Since then, she has not released any new publications on her networks and is silent on the coup attacks in Brasilia.

Last week, the actress published fake news saying that the presidential sash used by the Petista was fake. Actress Elisa Lucinda countered at the time: “Stop being undemocratic. You have grandchildren. Don’t teach them not to respect the President of the Republic,” she wrote in the post.


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