Gabriel takes Bruna Griphao’s kiss attempt in front of Anitta  Splash

Gabriel takes Bruna Griphao’s kiss attempt in front of Anitta Splash

During Anitta’s show on BBB 23 (Globo), Gabriel tried to kiss her exgirlfriend, Bruna Griphao on the dance floor.

However, the actress did not like this, and she pushed the brother away.

The moment did not go unnoticed by the fans of the show either:

test of resistance::: accompany gabriel as he tries to get together with bruna griphao #bbb23

paiva at #bbb23 (@paiva) January 19, 2023

Gabriel Coppola, who received an eloquent blow from Bruna Griphao, has already made history. #BBB23 many important moments in a very short time.

Chico Barney (@chicobarney) January 19, 2023

Is it just me or is Gabriel trying to get Bruna before Anitta?

Eliezer 🐷🐙 (@eliezer) January 19, 2023

Gabriel, winner of Casa de Vidro, stayed with Girl From Rio even before giving birth. The camera on the live edition of the show focused on the model as Anitta sang “Contatinho” and showed the brother laughing and enjoying himself during the powerful show.

  • When Anitta sent a message to the house earlier, Gabriel laughed in embarrassment.

Anitta must abide by the rules of the program. According to DJ Alok in an interview with the columnist splash, Lucas Pasin, the director of the program, defines the attitude that the artists will take in the shows in the house.

  • visual contact: the singer cannot look the participants in the eyes;
  • speak names: the artist is not allowed to quote a brother. When you comment on someone, you have to talk about all the brothers;
  • Send Message: Just as you can’t quote anyone, the celebrity shouldn’t send messages to the attendees or share outside information;
  • letters: Anitta cannot sign letters in the presentation, the reality show is reasonable and tries to prevent any manifestation that has the opportunity to bring information to the disabled.

BBB 23: Anitta stirs up the first carnival reality party

BBB 23: Anitta stirs up the first carnival reality party

BBB 23: The First Reality Party Begins  Reproduction/Globoplay


BBB 23: The first reality party begins

Playback/Globoplay BBB 23: Gabriel during Anitta's show at the first party of the season  Reproduction/Globoplay


BBB 23: Gabriel during Anitta’s show at the first party of the season

Playback/Globoplay BBB 23: Gabriel breaks it out trying to kiss Bruna  Reproduction/Globoplay


BBB 23: Gabriel takes it out when he tries to kiss Bruna


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