Gabriel Sater, known as Trindade, is preparing to release another song he performed on the soap opera: “Energia do Pantanal in the veins”

The guitarist makes waves both in and out of fiction. In addition to his success as a pedestrian trindade in “Pantanal”, Gabriel Sater has achieved good grades with his songs. Another one is coming this week, as he tells EXTRA.

Friday (12 August), on all audio platforms, comes a song instrumental by viola. “Tereré”, a union: me on guitar and Maestro Vicente Castilho on harp. It’s Pantanal’s energy in the veins, and I’ve starred in the soap opera a couple of times says the actor and singer, who will release the songs of his new album “Erva doce” until December.

Trindade (Gabriel Sater): The guitarist has been crazy about Irma (Camila Morgado) ever since he saw her Trindade (Gabriel Sater): The guitarist has been crazy about Irma (Camila Morgado) ever since he saw her Photo: João Miguel Jr./Rede Globo

This is the sixth song on the new album that Gabriel is releasing while the soap opera is airing. Among the other five is “Amor de Índio”, a theme by Juma (Alanis Guillen) and Jove (Jesuita Barbosa), which already has more than a million plays on streaming platforms. “Tempest Night,” a song Trindade wrote for Irma (Camila Morgado) in the fiction, is also in Gabriel’s project.

— I’ve become a much better guitarist over time. I went from the belt to the tenstring viola, even my father told me. So much so that I didn’t play that many instrumental themes on the viola before, and now I play several — says the artist, who is the son of the actor and singer Almir Sater.

In addition to these two, “Arabescos”, “Amor marruá” and “Tigre do trio” complete the list of five songs released so far. While watching Trindade in the nine o’clock feuilleton, Gabriel was inspired.

— I did a preproduction before preparing for the soap opera, including the musical. In this process I composed eight original instrumental themes for Trindade on the viola. After releasing my album by December, I’m thinking about making a new one only with songs I made for him reflects the actor.