Gabriel Santana’s ex reveals outburst about BBB23 contestant’s bisexuality

Gabriel Santana’s ex reveals outburst about BBB23 contestant’s bisexuality

Gabriel Santana drew attention to BBB23 by revealing that he is bisexual. Then his exgirlfriend Nicole Tulcheski went public and exposed the actor by speaking out about the relationship and his sexuality. In addition, he spoke about what he thinks about his participation in the global reality show. Gabriel is part of the group “Camarote”, which consists of wellknown personalities.

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The young woman opened her heart through social networks and vented about Gabriel Santana. “Him [Gabriel Santana] is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I deserve this opportunity and anyone who knows him knows what a huge heart he has!! It’s important that people know him like I do… Beautiful inside and out. There is no way to describe it in words, but I believe you will have the same point of view as me…”.


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Speaking about the artist’s bisexuality, the young woman opined that it shouldn’t still be an agenda that would shock people, but that she is very proud of who her ex is. “I don’t think being part of the LGGT community is a ‘controversial’ agenda. Nowadays people are much more comfortable coming out and I’m delighted that he has spoken openly about the subject… When we spoke on the phone I said I would give him all the support to discover himself… His joy results also in my joy. He’s been very important in my life… the most important thing is that he feels happy.”


It is worth remembering that in youth both were lovers, and the relationship ended in 2018. Despite this, according to Nicole, both of them maintain the friendship and are still like nail and flesh. So far, the actor never fails to impress the public and win more and more fans. The young man also won the sympathy of many on social media.