Gabon’s CTRI announces reopening of borders

LIBREVILLE, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) — Gabon will reopen its land, sea and air borders starting today, Saturday, the African country’s Committee for Transition and Institutional Restoration (CTRI) announced on national television known.

The CTRI “decides, with immediate effect, to reopen the land, sea and air borders from this Saturday, September 2, 2023,” says the statement read on television, explaining that this decision aims to ensure continuity of the country and to comply with international obligations.

A group of military officers on Wednesday named Gabon’s Republican Guard commander-in-chief Brice Oligui Nguema as head of the transition after he led a coup on behalf of the CTRI.

The incident occurred following the announcement of the re-election of President Ali Bongo Ondimba by the national electoral body on the same day.

All of Gabon’s borders were closed shortly after the coup. End