Gabi Prado Reveals Fees For A Fazenda And On Vacation

Gabi Prado Reveals Fees For ‘A Fazenda’ And ‘On Vacation’: ‘I Did It To Pay Off Debts’

Influencer, who runs her own YouTube channel, reveals overcoming in financial life

  • Jeff Benicio
    Jeff Benicio

At the turn of the year, the celebrity press made the differences between Bianca Andrade, Boca Rosa and Gabi Prado clear at a party in Pernambuco.

Long before that, Gabi took part in the videocast Podcalizando on SBT.

The influencer said she had no regrets participating in “A Fazenda 10” (won by Rafael Ilha) and two seasons of “De Férias com o Ex”, the 1st (2016) and 2nd (2017). to have.

But he says he would not accept a new invitation to attractions of the genre. “Not anymore, I’ve finished the cycle. People who go to a lot of reality shows make it their job,” he said.

The 35yearold Brazilian said she agreed to participate in the programs on a feeonly basis.

“On no reality show have I said ‘ah, I want to be famous.’ Do not. I joined them all for the money. Now that I’m in good health, thank God, it’s less important to me.”

She opened up about the performance on Record’s most popular reality show, what was expected of her. “I was called to be the stallholder at the ‘Fazenda’. I knew it. But I wanted to change the life of my family. It was about the money.”

Always objective, Gabi revealed how much she earned to expose herself on television. “In ‘A Fazenda’, R$ 60,000. In the first “On vacation with the ex” R$ 8,000. The second R$ 10,000. For those who earned R$ 1,800 dear…”

The money had a specific destination. “I had to pay off a debt that was very important to my family. That’s why I agreed.”

When asked if she had already made her first million reais, the influencer laughed and replied “yes”. She has more than 700,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel PodDarPrado, where she interviews other celebrities and 3.6 million followers on Instagram.

The monetization of the videos some with more than 1 million views certainly brings in enough to live a comfortable life without having to participate in shacks on reality shows.

Famous in reality shows, Gabi Prado now makes a living monetizing the content she produces

Famous in reality shows, Gabi Prado now makes a living monetizing the content she produces

Photo: Playback/YouTube

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