full of emotions

full of emotions

Minutes before the first public reveal of four episodes of the series About AntonOn Tuesday night at the Cinéma Le Clap in Quebec, producer Sylvain Parent-Bédard felt extraordinary excitement.

However, it is not the great successes that are lacking in the career of the man who founded ComediHa! (formerly Québécomm) in 1997 and the Grand Rire Bleue accompanying the ComediHa festival!

However, nothing can quite match the emotions he feels as he sees his life, that of his family and his poly-handicapped son, brought to the big screen in a series written and played by his girlfriend, Cathleen Rouleau.

“We’ve done great things with it, but I think it’s the most important project in my professional life and, along with having children and starting a family, it’s also one of the most important projects in my private life,” he confided to the diary.

“Extraordinary Emotions”

As viewers took their seats in Room 7 of the Clap, we felt the emotions wash over the producer, played by Claude Legault on the series.

According to his own statements, he felt “confused”.

“I am the father of a child with multiple disabilities, Antoine Parent-Bédard, who nobody thought would one day have a job in his life. I’m the producer of a series close to my heart that was filmed here. I’m one of the characters in the show, the author’s wife and the lead actress. These are extraordinary emotions, but all mixed up,” shared Mr. Parent-Bédard.

“I cried and laughed a lot during filming. I relived difficult and happy episodes of my life. The first epileptic seizure I saw during filming turned me on my head. There are many beautiful moments and bright victories. »

useful work

Alongside Cathleen Rouleau and Antoine, playing their own roles, and Claude Legault, Fanny Mallette, Micheline Bernard, Sylvain Marcel and Hugues Frenette also star in this Podz-produced series.

By showing the daily life of this atypical family, where moments of madness rub shoulders with those of suspense linked to the hero’s state of health, Cathleen Rouleau hopes to do useful work.

“I hope that the way people see people with disabilities will change. When someone comes to say hello to Antoine or someone else with a disability after watching the series, I feel like I’ve achieved something. »

It remains to be seen what the public thinks of it. One thing is for sure, a second season of About Antoine is already on the horizon, its craftsmen say.

  • The ten episodes ofAbout Anton will be published on the Club illico platform from Thursday.