Full of color, travel and a chairlift, Amaparín Serrano shared his life in networks

Full of color, travel and a chairlift, Amaparín Serrano shared his life in networks

Travel, fun family and work moments, and a chairlift, he shared Amparo Serrano Part of your life through your account in Instagram.

The creator of distributor He left captured memories of his family as well as some of his famous illustrations or publications of the already well-known “ksi merits“.

Photos from outings and parties with her family and fun videos with her daughters stand out on her Instagram.

It also highlights the quirky study in his home, which has a “lift chair” and a tube to slide on.

In addition, in another part of his studio, he enjoyed two types of glass-bottomed balconies, where he occasionally played an instrument with his guests.

Even next to the stairs that gave access to the highest balcony, which served as a library, there was a stairlift that slid along the wall at the top.

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“Amparín” Serrano also thanked all the Distroller fans via the platform where he shared the great collections of some of his followers.

The creator of the Distroller dies

The death of “Amparín” Serrano was announced last Friday, August 12th.

Actress Minnie West said goodbye to her mother via social media, calling the entrepreneur her hero and idol.

“Mom: I’m writing this with a broken heart, not believing this is true,” reads the Instagram account Minnie, who appeared in “I Like It But It Scares Me” and in “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” “ played along.

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“This is a nightmare, I’ll wake up and you’ll be there, dancing, drawing, filling the world with creativity, happiness and bad spelling, always supporting me in anything, anything I wanted to do,” he wrote.

After hinting that her life will be gray from now on, Minnie affirmed that her mother is immortal because she will always live inside her. “This is the hardest goodbye of my life, love you Fletzo, I know you are in Distropolis, a world you always imagined,” he wrote.

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