"Fuck you!": Pif blurts out in Cartabianca.  Who was it against

"Fuck you!": Pif blurts out in Cartabianca. Who was it against

Caro Marziano’s conductor was furious after hearing the comments of some Castelvetrano residents on the news of the arrest of boss Messina Denaro

Posted on: January 18, 2023 09:19:00Pif Cartabianca

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The arrest of Matthew Messina Money, super fugitive for over 30 years, has undoubtedly been the news that has shaken our country the most in recent days. News that quickly made the rounds of dozens of television programs telling every detail of this important event. Below is Cartabianca: Bianca Berlinguer raised the issue with a few guests, including pee.

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Pif’s breakout in Cartabianca

The latter, always committed Fight against the mafiaHe did not contain his anger towards the residents Castelvetrano, the town in the province of Trapani where Messina Denaro comes from. A service was actually shown during the episode, in which Cartabianca asked some people for comment on the boss’s arrest. In addition to those who said they were happy with the state’s victory over the mafia, Pif’s attention was drawn by a few people who spoke out feelings negatives. “What has he done? I don’t have to judge anyone,” someone said; “You made a mistake arresting him. For thirty years they ate us all, after thirty years it’s no longer good?”. With these words, Caro Marziano’s conductor could not contain his disappointment.

“If there’s a gentleman in 2023 who says, ‘You made a mistake arresting him,’ I’d say fuck him! I would show you the photo of the little girl who died in Florence and I would say fuck him! He disgusts me more than Matteo Messina Denaro. These people here disgust me more than the mafioso because that’s not possible in 2023. F**k it!” said Pif. furious. Bianca Berlinguer tried to put the story in a different light: it’s possible that these people said certain things out of fear retribution? However, Pif did not allow any answers: “Tell me the first and last name of this guy and I will tell him fuck off, sue me, you have no dignity! For me there is no longer any justification when I see these statements.” “We live in this situation, it’s the fault of these people here. I’m not afraid of the mafia, I’m afraid of this gentleman here, who may not be a mafia at all -Man is. Actually, I can put my signature on it.” it, this man is not a mafia man. That’s the disgusting thing about it.”

The video of the broadcast is visible at this link.

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