From today on, a good time begins for 3 zodiac signs: no more moms… – Santé+ Mag

From today on, a good time begins for 3 zodiac signs: no more moms… – Santé+ Mag

Astrologers interpret Mercury retrograde as an optical rebound that slows change, creates communication and relationship problems, and makes individuals more nervous. Fortunately, this slowness ends on January 18th, bringing good news for 3 zodiac signs. Only now can 2023 really begin!

The end of Mercury retrograde allows some of you to adjust your lives. Astrologers have identified the astrological signs whose life will improve from January 18th. Are you one of the lucky ones?

What are the 3 zodiac signs whose life will improve from the end of Mercury retrograde?

Mercury played its last game of poker by going retrograde in the middle of Capricorn season. This movement must have shaken and destabilized you more than once. However, this retrograde phase that began on December 30, 2022 is now ending on January 18, 2023. Promises you couldn’t keep? Quarrels with relatives or friends? Unjustified Conflicts? Don’t think about it anymore! Your problems will finally be solved, just look at each situation one by one… The downgrading of the gray planet has undoubtedly left some clues that could be very useful for you to bring order and balance back into your life.


nice weekend

Zodiac Aries. Source: spm

Think about everything that has happened in your life since Mercury went retrograde and examine each of the problematic situations carefully so that you can find the right solutions. Because of this movement, you probably felt like you had no control over anything. But luckily for you, dear Aries, you will finally be able to visualize your goals more clearly and see certain situations that were once considered complex from a different angle. The desire to take back the reins of your life and get back on track is growing stronger. So if you want to find solutions to your problems, you might as well do it now while the stars support you. With Jupiter in your sign, you feel like you have your destiny back in your hands, so you might as well prove it to yourself and everyone around you. Even if the goals seem vague or the resolutions more difficult to keep, have no fear, dare headlong and you will be able to achieve the impossible.


virgin good time

Zodiac Virgo. Source: spm

You are probably very concerned that you haven’t had enough time to complete certain tasks related to your work. Don’t blame yourself anymore because from January 18th you will be more productive and active again. You no longer have a reason to feel bad. As far as your professional situation is concerned, success is guaranteed! Your efforts will pay off very soon, and chances are you’ll get a big promotion or raise. In fact, it’s not just the gray planet ending its retrograde this week. But that is the case with all other planets! So now is the time to be open minded, embrace change and seize every opportunity that comes your way. Remember, dear natives of Virgo, you are favored by the stars at this time, so do not hesitate to unleash the power of heaven to succeed. While the beginning of this year must have been tough for you, the end of the bearish trend will help you slowly recover.


beautiful period Scorpio

Zodiac sign Scorpio. Source: spm

A new cycle begins, rejoice dear natives of Scorpio! Because of Mercury, you probably lacked strength and often felt tired. This is quite normal, for when it is in retrograde, the planet of communication does not allow any of us to spread our wings and shine. Lucky for you, Scorpio, starting January 18th, you can finally become more productive and motivated. The end of this bearish movement will give you excitement, hope and the strength to pursue your dreams. So now is the perfect time to invest in your future. Don’t wait until you feel ready to get started. Break away from the idea of ​​perfection and do what it takes to succeed without thinking too much. Also, your past experiences will help you achieve your goals on time and emerge victorious. On the heart side, it’s up to you to provoke a romantic encounter. In any case, the stars give you their blessings on this topic.

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