from the stars to the stables So she fell after

from the stars to the stables. So she fell after the GF

Angela Sozio, the fiery redhead from Big Brother 3, has made a career for herself in the entertainment world after the success of the father of all reality shows.

from the stars to the stables So she fell after

After several talk shows, she became the first judge for La pupa e il secchione and then, in 2011, even hosted Saturday Night Live on Italia 1. But what has become of today? What is it doing today and how did it become?

With those green eyes and tawny hair you can’t go unnoticed: Angela managed to conquer Italian TV audiences and then vanish into thin air. The beautiful redhead with the naughty curls didn’t win the GF 3 victory, but it was clear from the moment she entered the most spied house in Italy what she was capable of. But what happened to it today?

From the beginning it had made itself felt in a short time a real character not only characterized by beauty but also by his sparkling likeability and more. A touch of pink had painted the house thanks to what later turned out to be more than a flirtation between the fire girl the former competitor Fedro Francioni.

At the time of the farewell, after the gaming experience, it was Phaedrus who began shocking revelations about Angela. The man would have said that it was basically an extraordinary circumstance and that from this environment Red wouldn’t even have a coffee.

And so the beautiful redhead returned with a historic old love of hers.

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Sozio also tried to pursue a political career at Forza Italia but some photos showed her at Villa Certosa on the Costa Smeralda Silvio Berlusconi’s knees prevented his rise; After the outbreak, the ex-premier’s then-wife, Veronica Lario, would have been socio removed from the partythen also stay far away from the world of entertainment.

These recordings definitely jeopardized his television careernow with intertwined political scandals a gogò and direct involvement in some legal proceedings. In a previous interview, Angela explained that her picture, which was taken from the recordings, was the subject of the crime of receiving stolen goods and that she considered herself an offended person.

The showgirl defended herself by saying that she had not met the politician for the first time and had been invited to Villa Certosa to talk about a project to involve the boys in the Forza Italia party.

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But what did he do? In 2009 she applied for the European Championships in Strasbourg has been heavily criticized on behalf of the PDL. Today it has completely disappeared from the radar. There is no news about his life and apparently He doesn’t even have a social profile.