From the bed Yanet Garcia wore her perfect figure and

From the bed, Yanet García wore her perfect figure and fell in love with everyone

Yanet Garcia She is one of the Mexican women of the moment. It turns out that the model thrives in the Big Apple to pursue her dream activities and jobs. For this reason he uses his personal account instagram to share content and show his followers some situations of his life.

On the camera platform, the Mexican collects more than 14.8 million followers and that’s because she works with social networks. Yanet She has an account where she can share tips on healthy eating as she is a certified health coach and is using her arrival to raise awareness of the importance of a balanced diet. Also, the model works with a workout app called Fitplan, so she sometimes shares photos or videos of her workout routines.

On the other hand in his personal account from instagram, Garcia He usually uploads publications about the moments of his everyday life and also his work as a model. On this occasion, the Mexican once again shared a video of a photo session she did for Christmas, driving all users crazy wearing them perfect shape.

In the little clip Yanet She comes out lying on her bed in her underwear and a headband with Christmas trees on it. As seen in the video, the model watched My Poor Little Angel, one of the most popular films for this festive season.

On the other hand, he uploaded a photo of the same scene and added a question box for users to write comments. This is something the model does all the time because she loves interacting with her followers and never has a problem answering the questions she asks her.

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Yanet Garcia
Yanet Garcia via Instagram.