From missed flight to Hungary to starting position today Immobiles

From missed flight to Hungary to starting position today: Immobile’s strange week

Last Sunday the short-term abandonment of the away game at Blau because of an adductor problem, Thursday evening the green light after the controls and today on the field

From the trip to Hungary, which was interrupted at the foot of the plane, to the return to the field against Spezia: these have been seven intense days for Ciro Immobile. Last Sunday, the Lazio striker left the Azzurri retreat minutes before leaving for Budapest with a spate of seizures: MRI scans for the right thigh hamstring problem that had already caused him to miss the game with England, the initial green light by the blue staff (so much so that Immobile arrived at Malpensa airport directly under the plane) and awaited the verification of the conditions in the last training session, with the attacker intending to leave the same to stay close to his companions. Then the step back after an interview with the Lazio staff.

The Recovery

Immobile’s conditions have improved in recent days, on Thursday a control MRI confirmed that the adductor edema was completely resorbed and he had already trained with the team on Friday. Further steps forward yesterday as the attacker did all the training with his team-mates and Sarri put him in the starting XI today.

October 2 – 12:47 p.m